5 Tips to Getting an Apartment with a Broken Lease

Breaking a lease agreement involves abandoning a property without the consent of the landlord or the company managing the property. If you want to rent new apartments, challenges may arise when your credit background is confirmed. This issue occurs if you want the services of high end corporate rental organizations, but private managers could also run a background check before renting you a property. Here are five methods that you can use to rent an apartment if you have a broken lease in the past.

1. Offer a Larger Deposit
Although rental rules have it that you are only required to pay one month deposit, you can convince the property owner is paying a more substantial deposit of up to three months. By doing this, he will have some money to hold as security wherein circumstances you fail to owner your lease agreement; he will take the money as compensation.

2. Get References and Co-signers
You can have professional references to talk more about you in a positive tone to enhance your greater picture. You can also use co-workers and family members as co-signers in your lease agreement so that the property owner agrees to rennet you his property. Having references and co-signers means that there will be somebody to go to when you break your lease.

3. Consider Owner Managed Properties
You should consider renting properties that are owned by their owner. He might be understanding of your situation and he might be lenient as well as compared to company managed properties. Some owners don’t even check the background check of their tenants. However, you should make an effort of paying your debts before the owner gets to know of your previous contract and pushes you out.

4. Be Less Picky
If you have a previously broken lease, it is difficult for you to get an apartment in that prime real estate next to the main town where every person wants to live. These properties are managed by corporate agencies that are very strict where you won’t qualify due to your previous bad credit history. You can only be eligible for those old properties that are not very strict. You can select some second chance apartments here and build your credibility before moving to high-end properties.

5. Be Honest and Speak to Management
It is important to express yourself about the circumstances under which you broke your previous lease. Maybe it was a necessity, or you had a valid reason to break your lease. Some of these managers might see that you are honest and consider to give you a second chance where you have to prove yourself.