Apartments for You Even if You Have Bad Credit

It’s still possible for you to get a second chance apartment if you have broken a lease recently. However, there’s a special way that you have to conduct your search. You won’t be able to qualify for all of the apartments, but you can take these few tips in mind.

Search for Private Owners

One thing you can do to find an apartment after you’ve broken a lease is search for a private owner rather than a complex. Private owners may not do rental history or credit checks. Even if they do, they may be more lenient than the average corporate complex will be with you. You can find private owners if you search carefully. They usually notify people that they are private owners somewhere in their ads so that you will know.

Look for “No Credit Check” Establishments

You may also use the term “no credit check” when you run your search for an apartment after you break a lease. You should be able to find at least one or two providers who do not perform credit checks. These people will bypass the entire credit checking process in favor of a higher down payment or some other solution. Additionally, you will be able to find someone who is understanding of your situation if they do find out somehow.

Try Second Chance Apartments

Finally, you may be able to find an actual second-chance apartment. A second-chance apartment comes from a provider who knows that he will receive inquiries from people who have had all sorts of issues in the past like bad credit or a broken lease. He knows that you may have broken your lease or experienced an eviction for non-payment or some other reason such as a disruption. A second-chance provider may even be willing to give ex-felons a chance because he may believe that everyone deserves such a chance. You can complete an application for a second-chance provider, and you may receive approval for an apartment. You can start getting your life back together from that moment on. You can reestablish yourself over the next year or so.

You should be able to land an apartment after a broken lease if you use some or all of the tips mentioned above. Hope is not lost. There is a chance for you to get in and then restore your profile from that moment on.

How to Get an Apartment Even if You’ve Broken a Lease

Being responsible when you have an apartment is important. However, sometimes life circumstances cause people to do things that they wouldn’t normally do such as breaking an apartment lease. You do not have to suffer without a place to live forever if you have a broken lease. You can do some of these things to help your situation:

  1. Request a Cosigner

A cosigner is a person who can use their good credit to obtain approval for you if you receive a rejection for an apartment. It may be a mate or a relative who knows the situation that caused you to have a broken lease. If he cosigns, he agrees to take responsibility if you do not pay your rent. If you honor the lease responsibly, you may be able to renew the lease on your own.

  1. Improve Your Credit Score

You can obtain an apartment approval if you improve your credit score. You can do that in many ways. One way is to pay down some of the debt that you have on record. You can also cut down on the use of any credit cards that you have. Alternatively, you can hire a credit repair company to help you get your score back up to standard.

  1. Let Some Time Pass

Time heals many things, including a case of bad credit from a broken lease. These things have less impact on your credit score as time passes. Of course, you should always pay your debt, but your profile may suffer some damage for a while even after you make your payment. Be patient with your credit restoration endeavors. Meanwhile, you can use some of the other methods to help you along.

  1. Apply for a Second-Chance Apartment

Second chance apartments are becoming more readily available to people who have situations such as felonies, bad credit, broken leases and the like. Some complexes or apartment owners are willing to give someone a second chance because they understand that humans go through trials and tribulations. You may have to offer a larger down payment or agree to a longer lease. The property owner may not ask you to do any of those things. The key is to do some research so that you can find a second chance apartments provider.


There is hope for you to find a property that you can enjoy again. Everyone deserves a second chance. Reach out and grab yours today.