How to secure an apartment with a broken lease record

Having an apartment is everyone’s dream. However, rent an apartment has so much in places. Landlords look deeply in almost anything to see whether you qualify for the apartment. It gets ugly if you have a bad credit score or you have a broken lease on your records. Regardless of how tough it may get, you still deserve second chance apartments. Here are a few steps to get you one.

Have savings
Proving that you have saved is far much better than showing substantial pay slips. If you have bad credit, the landlord will assume you also have debts that will eat up your pay eventually. However, indicating that you have savings separately from your income keeps you in a better position. If possible, have savings that equate to several months of your rent. This might help strengthen the landlord’s confidence that you will pay each month without fail.

Find rentals with no credit checks.
All you are looking for is second chance apartments, therefore, finding a landlord who has less interest in credit checks is essential. Avoid going for apartments owned by property managers but rather, opt for ones owned and managed by individual landlords. This way it’s easy to find one that s ready to trust your story or give you an opportunity to prove others wrong.

Be ready to pay upfront
The easiest way to win your new landlords trust is to offer a better payment plan. If you are required to pay one month plus security, why not pay two or three months upfront plus security. In every business, cash offers are often attractive and will quickly land you a better deal. However, you must ensure that you pay on time when the rent is due.

Have a co-signer
Securing a better deal with a broken lease is somehow tough. Some landlords will not be convinced even with all the efforts in place. In such moments, backup help is very significant. Call a friend or relative to co-sign your lease. However, the co-signer must have the credit qualifications for you to get the apartment. In case of eviction or you fail to pay on time, the landlord is authorized to go for the co-signers property. Therefore, be careful the way you use other people’s credit.

You can also look for recommendations from people you have had financial associations in the past. A reference letter from a previous landlord or employer might be helpful.