The Nomad’s Guide to Apartment Hunting: Second Chance Apartments

Whether you just like to follow the wind or trouble seems to follow you, you’re hunting for another apartment. But now you’re worried – you have bad credit, you’ve broken your lease, you and you just aren’t sure what to do. No worries – an emerging market is here to sweep you off your feet and it’s called second chance apartments. These apartments help folks from all backgrounds with a basic American right – to have a safe place to live.

How can I go apartment hunting with bad credit?

Simply put, with money and proof of income. If you’re willing to pay a larger fee, pay many months in advance, or work hard so that your bank statements will look nice, you can absolutely still easily get an apartment with bad credit.
However, if those aren’t readily available options for you, you can always go with second chance apartments. They work very similarly to second chance bank accounts. You’ll have to put forth a little more effort, but it’s the first step to re-establishing yourself as a good renter!

Can I still get an apartment with a broken lease on my record?

Of course. It’s just going to take a lot more work than it would if you hadn’t broken your lease. The good news is that second chance apartments tend to be more forgiving than standard apartments. However, it’s possible to get another apartment anywhere after breaking a lease. In fact, we’ve put together a quick list of ways to help you get an apartment after breaking a lease!

Tips to getting your next apartment after a broken lease:

Even if you weren’t going with a second chance apartment service, you would still be able to rent an apartment. It’s difficult, but we have a few tips that can help make the process a little easier!
Pay your past due amount. It may be hard to pay it off, but it will help you so much when it comes to getting another apartment that it’s well worth the cost.

Plan for paying lots more. When it comes to renting, almost any obstacle can be overcome with money. Save up a little extra to ensure that you get the apartment you want.

Be prepared to show them your file. Literally. Once you break a lease or if you have abysmal credit, property managers may want to look through everything from your bank statements to your tax returns.

Meet the manager directly. Set up an appointment and don’t be late. Sometimes talking to the apartment community manager is all it takes to work out good terms for your new lease.