Tips to finding an apartment after breaking your lease

There may be some times in your life where you have to break an apartment lease. Maybe it’s a personal issue, a financial problem or a job transfer. Though breaking a lease is not a great thing, it won’t necessarily disqualify you from renting another apartment in the future. Here are some tips for finding an apartment after you have broken a lease.

Make sure you have no outstanding fees
If you break your lease, you may have to pay a penalty or fees. Make sure you take care of all those fees before you attempt to sign another lease. Any outstanding fees on a broken lease can be a red flag to a new rental company and they also can contribute to a bad credit score.

Be prepared to explain your situation
When you apply for a new rental agreement, your previous broken lease may come up in a background check. The best thing you can do is honestly explain why you broke the lease if you are given a chance to do so. Rental companies understand situations can change and many are willing to overlook a broken lease in your past if you otherwise look like a good rental candidate.

Expect to pay more
Apartment companies will likely ask you to pay more if you have broken a lease before. This may be in the form of an increased deposit, a onetime fee or higher monthly rent. This is something that you will have to figure into your budget.

Work with a company
There are companies, such as Second Chance Apartments, that work with people with a checkered rental history to help them find apartments. Whether your issue is a lease problem, bad credit or some other thing, companies such as Second Chance Apartments can help you find a new apartment in whatever city you need to live in.