Top 6 Tips for Finding an Apartment After You Break a Lease

Tenants break leases for a number of reasons. Job losses, unexpected medical bills, and other factors can make it impossible to honor the lease terms and conditions. If you’ve had to break a lease and now need a place to live, there are landlords who offer second chance apartments for rent. Use these tips to find, apply, and be approved for a place to live that you can afford.

Check Online for Property Management Firms Offering Second Chance Units
There are online lists of management firms that work with people who have prior rental issues or bad credit. If you didn’t break the lease due to some sort of violation and it was a financial issue, there’s a good chance that one or more of those property managers will be willing to work with you.

Turn Your Attention to Private Landlords
Finding property owners with apartments to rent gives you the chance to talk with them about your past situation, including that broken lease. By being honest about your present circumstances as well as what happened in the past, one of them is likely to give you a chance.

Contact Previous Landlords
You have rented from a couple of other landlords over the last decade or so. Those relationships were free of any issues and everyone parted on good terms. One of them may be willing to rent to you based on how well things went the last time you were a tenant.

Always Have Proof of Income on Hand
Make it a point to always have proof of your income on hand. It may be your most recent paycheck stub or a statement of income from your employer.

Compile a List of Personal References
Owners and managers who have second chance apartments for rent do want some reassurance that renting to you is worth the risk. Personal references who will attest to your honesty will improve your chances for being approved.

Offer To Set Up Automated Payments
Something simple as structuring an automated withdrawal from your checking account to the account of the landlord’s choosing will work fine. Even if the landlord does not currently use this method, making the offer demonstrates how serious you are about paying on time.

Don’t let a broken lease and the subsequent bad credit prevent you from finding a comfortable place to live. There are property owners who will give you a second chance. Start looking today and you could be in the new place by the first of the month.