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Your Leading Resource to Finding a Second Chance Apartment Regardless of your Credit!

Throughout the nation’s most populated metropolitan areas, Second Chance Apartment Locators is well-known for being the industry leader when it comes to connecting renters with suitable landlords.

Regardless of the credit situation; slow payment history, a bankruptcy, a lien, a repossession, an eviction, a foreclosure or broken lease, we will be able to help you find the best matched apartment or rental property! We do not charge any fees to help you locate an apartment – no hidden fees either! Second Chance Apartment Locators will be your top choice when looking for an apartment, we guarantee it!

If you live or are interested in moving into one of the nation’s most common metropolitan areas, we will be able to easily find you a perfect place to rent!

Metropolitan Areas for 2nd Chance Apartments We Serve:

Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco, Washington D. C.

Unfortunately, when an individual has past credit issues like an eviction, broken lease, slow pays or something else, it can make it difficult to get approved for a place to rent. Most apartment complexes and many landlords will check a potential renter’s credit history and/or rental history once the rental application has been submitted. To save time, you can call different rental properties to see what is involved with the rental application process, so you will know in advance whether you want to purse that apartment or rental property.


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For any renter, looking for an apartment, it is a time-consuming process. There is so much involved when looking for an apartment on your own. People are busy nowadays and may not have time to find their most ideal place to rent for the best price. For those who have issues with their credit and/or rental history, will have even more of a difficult time looking for a place to rent. Dealing with credit issues can be discouraging when looking for an apartment. Second Chance Apartment Locators is the best resource to helping renters find perfect 2nd chance apartments in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco and Washington D. C.

You deserve to have a nice place to live, and we are prepared to help you locate a place that will approve you regardless if you have an eviction, broken lease, lien, repossession, delinquencies or something else on your credit or rental history.

There are over 45 million people across the nation who have insufficient or bad credit! You are not alone! You are entitled to be able to rent an apartment, and we will happily help you find it. Again, our 2nd chance apartment locating service is completely-free to you.

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Issue for Renters’ Credit History and Rental History – Eviction or Broken Lease

When signing a lease agreement to rent an apartment or rental property, last thing a renter would think about is something happening to where they are faced with an eviction or broken lease in the future. No renter anticipates having any kind of problem in the future, and that is why they happily sign the lease agreement for the set period. No renter ever anticipates or even wants to worry about an eviction or broken lease happening to them.

Before signing any legal document like a lease agreement, it is vital to thoroughly read through the entire agreement. This way, you know exactly what is expected and at that time, questions can be answered. Therefore, if any lease amendments are needed or available, it can be taken care of before signing the lease. You will find when reading the lease what needs to be followed to stay in the apartment. If you are concerned about a job that may require you to move out of the area, or are in the military and worried about deployment or have a very sick family member, you can inquire about how you can get out of the lease if necessary to avoid any penalties or negative marks on your credit or rental history.


It doesn’t matter if you had an eviction, broken lease, slow pays or something else because Second Chance Apartment Finders will be able to help you find an apartment to rent regardless of the situation. You do not need to worry about your past credit circumstances because we can help you! The entire process is quick, simple and free!

Broken Lease

A broken lease is when there is a signed lease between a renter and a landlord for a period, and the renter up and vacates the apartment abandoning the lease. This is something you want to avoid happening. If you feel there is something going on and you need to up and break the lease, it is best to communicate with your landlord to see if there are options to avoid it. The landlord may have options to help you avoid breaking the lease. Breaking a lease can significantly hurt your credit and/or rental history. The amount of rent due as stated in the lease plus any fees may end up being sent to a collection agency for collection which may end up showing on your credit report. Also, the broken lease may show up in the renter/landlord reporting databases which may very well impact getting approved for an apartment.


An eviction is when there is a signed lease between a renter and a landlord for a certain period, and the renter has violated one of the leasing terms and has not fixed the issue. Most commonly, not paying rent will initiate an eviction. The lease will state what would initiate an eviction aside from not paying the rent. An eviction must be handled by a judge in court. A landlord cannot handle the eviction on their own and kick the renter out by changing the apartment locks. The judge of a court must grant for the eviction or the eviction cannot take place. An eviction will show up on your credit report, background check and more than likely the rental history. Once served an eviction notice, it is best to communicate with the landlord if possible and/or an eviction attorney to help avoid an eviction.

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Second Chance Apartment Locators is the industry’s top apartment locator for second chance apartments. No matter what financial challenges you have had in the past regardless if there was a broken lease, eviction, foreclosure, repossession or something else, we can help you find your most ideal 2nd chance apartment in one of the top metropolitan areas across the nation. We have successfully served thousands of renters across the nation find their most desired second chance apartment, and we can help you too! Our apartment location service is completely free! So, what are you waiting for, fill out the form so we can help you today!