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forth worth second chance apartments

Fort Worth Second Chance Apartments

    Fort Worth Second Chance Apartments is your one-stop resource for finding apartments willing to accept bad credit, broken leases, evictions, deferred adjudication, misdemeanors and felonies. We offer second chance rentals in Arlington, Grapevine, Haltom city, Bedford, Euless, Roanoke, Hurst, Keller, Richland Hills and Fossil Creek. It’s so easy to search “find second chance apartments near me” on any internet browser, but results may vary. We do all the hard work for you. We find verified second chance apartments that will accept applications from individuals with low FICO scores, poor rental histories and criminal records. We know life is not perfect. People make mistakes all the time. So many things are simply out of our control. We are understanding and compassionate. We want to help. Let us find second chance leasing near you that is willing to accept your application.

    Most of the apartments in the Fort Worth area require that a broken lease or eviction be at least two years old before they will accept your application. There are a few that will accept your application if the rental debt is minimal. The odds of you being accepted increase if you have rental history since the broken lease or eviction. There are a few properties in the Fort Worth market that will accept applications from people with recent broken leases or evictions.

All apartments in the Fort Worth area conduct criminal background checks. If you received a deferred adjudication it is advisable to have your record expunged before applying. Expungement prevents the public from seeing your criminal record. If you have a misdemeanor conviction most apartments will offer people a 2nd chance if the misdemeanor charge was nonviolent. The same for felony convictions. Nonviolent offenders have a far better chance of successfully applying for apartments in the Fort Worth area than those with an aggravated or violent offense.




Each apartment has various requirements, so we recommend you discuss your situation with an experienced leasing agent before you submit your application. If you do plan to apply, we suggest you possess the necessary money orders for administration fees, application fees and deposit. Often people leave the property to purchase money orders and by the time they return the available apartment has already been leased to someone else. Before you do anything be sure to provide your second chance apartment locator all of the needed information to assist you. Each apartment community has their very own requirements. Gross average monthly income must be two-three times the rental payment (for example, for $700 rent, you will have to gross $1,750 – $2,100 monthly). Some of the apartments want you to have reestablished a rental agreement with another apartment complex before they will approve your application. Always anticipate that you will be required to pay a double deposit or an additional deposit equivalent to one month’s rent upon approval.




  When discussing your poor rental history, bad credit, or criminal past with a Fort Worth Second Chance Apartment locator, always be open and honest about your situation. We are not here to prejudge anyone. We are only here to help. Being deceptive will not help. We live in a computerized age where everything is in a database and accessible by Fort Worth area apartments. Being deceptive will only waste your time and your money. Being deceptive will also cause further humiliation. Our investigation team has located numerous communities for second chance housing in Fort Worth, TX, willing to accept your application. There are very few true second chance apartments willing to accept anyone with any problem. 


Some communities are actually offended being referred to as second chance apartments. Sometimes the leasing staff simply doesn’t know because it’s a high turnover employment industry. The leasing staff is often quite new. We know which apartments will work together with your specific problem, whether it’s bad credit broken leases, evictions, misdemeanors, foreclosures, eviction, a broken lease and felonies. 

Often first-time renters are denied because they are considered high risk tenants. We use our knowledge at Fort Worth 2nd Chance Apartments to help your application get approved. 


We also prevent you from wasting your time, money and spare you the embarrassment of having your application denied.

All second chance apartments in Fort Worth have varying approval criteria. Several 2nd chance apartments in Fort Worth will accept a broken lease or eviction with certain requirements. Some second chance housing in Fort Worth might require the broken lease to be more than two years of age. Another second chance rental in Fort Worth might require that it be more than five years of age. Several second chance apartments in Fort Worth may require the balance on the broken lease to be less than a certain amount.  Most 2nd chance apartments in Fort Worth will vary with regards to their approval criteria. Second chance leasing offices in Fort Worth are constantly changing their criteria. 


Find Second Chance Apartments in Forth Worth Near You

   Apartments in the Fort Worth area are very dynamic and constantly changing their rental qualifications. The trend is the more vacancies they have the less stringent they are on their criteria. The less vacancies they have the more stringent they are allowing people with poor rental history, criminal backgrounds, and bad credit to move into their apartments. Often apartments offering second chances in Fort Worth change ownership or management companies. This results in policy changes and they are no longer willing to offer people 2nd chance rentals. We do our best to keep up with who owns each property, who manages the property and their current rental criteria. The more details you can provide us regarding any broken leases, evictions, deferred adjudication, misdemeanors or felonies, the better service we will be able to provide you. We will hand-pick the apartments that work with your unique circumstance. That is why it’s vital that you give us accurate and complete information. Before we provide you with a selection of Fort Worth second chance apartments it is always advisable to check the three credit bureaus to see exactly what is on your credit. Regarding evictions it is always advisable to check your public records for details such as the eviction date and the amount of the judgment. The more we know the better job we can do for you. We will be there for you every step along the way. We’re here to support you. We want you to succeed in your search for Fort Worth second chance housing. If you have any questions or need any adjustments to your search, don’t be reluctant to communicate with us. The more we communicate the easier it’s going to be for you finding second chance apartments near you. Let’s get rolling. We look forward to assisting you.