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Welcome to second chance apartments in Toronto. We serve Toronto and the entire Ontario region. We provide apartments that are willing to offer second chances. If you have a broken lease it will severely affect your ability to successfully lease another apartment. You will need the help and guidance of one of our experienced professionals. A broken lease will stay on your credit for at least 7 years. Spare yourself the misery and expense of having your applications constantly denied due to a broken lease. The are several 2nd chance apartments and private landlords in Toronto and the Province of Ontario that will work with broken leases. Some will have certain requirements. They often require any balances caused by a broken lease to be over 1 or 2 years. People with older broken leases will have more opportunities to successfully lease another apartment. Smaller balances will also improve your odds of being approved. Having a good rental since breaking a previous lease is very beneficial as well.  How does someone get approved if they had to break their lease? This is where we step in to make it easy. We find second-chance apartments for people with broken leases in Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, Brampton, Scarborough, Hamilton, London, Oshawa, Vaughan, Kitchener, Windsor, Kingston, and Niagara Falls. Broken leases in Toronto and all of Ontario are our specialties. We offer people second-chance leasing. We can find second-chance apartments near you.

We can also provide 2nd chance apartments for people who have endured an eviction In Toronto and Ontario Province. Having n eviction on your rental history will have an adverse effect on your ability to find suitable housing. Eviction in Toronto and all of Ontario are filed by landlords and apartment in what is called The Landlord and Tenant Board. Evictions hearings in the United State use magistrates for all minor civil matters. Landlord and Tenants Boards focus solely on the rights of the landlords but also the tenants. They tend to try to resolve the issue between the landlords and tenants. They listen to both sides. Most cases are resolved on the side of the landlord if the matter is simply the tenant has kept the lease agreement or paid the rent. We can provide second-chance apartments that accept evictions. The older the eviction the better. Paying off balances or judgments owed after being evicted can also improve your credit and show you are willing to pay your rent. There are second-chance apartments and landlords in Toronto and Ontario that accept evictions near you. We have done all the research and phone calls. We know where second-chance leases can be found.

 Having bad credit can also inhibit someone’s ability to successfully lease an apartment or from a private landlord. Transunion and Equifax are the two leading credit bureaus used in Canada by apartment landlords, banks, and lenders to check the credit history of those applying. Bad credit often reflects irresponsibility. Apartments in Toronto will often deny applicants if they have a poor credit history of not paying their bills on time. Having a repossession or bankruptcy in the recent past can have a very negative effect. Your credit score is one of the most important numbers in life. It is very important to keep your score as high as possible. There are second-chance rentals in the Toronto and Province of Ontario that are willing to accept applicants with bad credit. Bad or poor credit can often be the result of loss of employment, divorce or separation, accidents, and medical bills. Illness etc. We know the second-chance apartments that will accept bad credit. They understand life can often be challenging. Knowing your credit score or FICO score is something you should know prior to contacting us. It is something we really need to know so we can better serve you. Having a good rental history is always a plus with bad credit.
We can also help find apartments accepting felonies and misdemeanor backgrounds. There is second-chance leasing for people with older criminal convictions. We can find second-chance apartments for most non-violent offenders. Most criminal convictions we find are for drug possessions. We live in drug and alcohol-induced cultures. Just watch nearly any popular movie and you will see what we are saying. Drugs and alcohol are prevalent in movies and real life. We know apartments and private rentals willing to accept felons and misdemeanors. We know apartments willing to accept those with nearly any no-violent criminal background including forgery and theft. The older the date of the conviction the better. Most second-chance rentals require felony convictions to be several years old compared to misdemeanors. People with violent or sexually related offenses can be extremely challenging to find second-chance rentals for.  There are 2nd chance apartments in Toronto and Ontario accepting felonies and misdemeanors. Let us help you get moving in the right direction.
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