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Premier Rental Locating Services for Washington D.C. Renters

Washington D.C. is a fantastic area to live whether single or raising a family, and there are plenty of places to rent – apartments, townhomes, condos, homes and other rental properties. Typically for many renters, getting approved for a place to rent is not an issue, but for other renters it is an issue. It is because poor credit or poor rental history has affected getting approved for their ideal place to live. Fortunately for all renters regardless of their credit or rental history, there are second chance apartments in D.C., making it easier for all locals to find their most desired place to rent. Getting denied by a landlord or an apartment management company is frustrating, and it can be a long process when finding a place. Now with the help of Washington D.C. Apartment Locators, you can get approved for your next home without the stress!


What impacts someone from getting approved for a place to live is their credit and rental history. What landlords and apartment management companies look at is if there are any late payments, evictions, foreclosures, broken leases, liens, repossessions or anything else that is found to be unsatisfactory. Unfortunately, things happen and can ultimately affect your credit, but we don’t have to lose hope because with second chance apartments in Washington D.C., there is hope!


There are over 672,000 citizens living in Washington D.C. in approximately 277,000 various housing units. With so many places to choose from, picking an apartment or other place to rent can be a nerve-wracking ordeal, especially if dealing with unsatisfactory credit or rental history. The search and approval process would be like literally finding a needle in a haystack because looking at all the possible places to rent, you would have no idea which place you pick would be approved to rent. As you already know, it would be a very overwhelming process to find the most ideal D.C. second chance apartments on your own. So, if you would like the apartment search process to be as stress-free as possible, then contact the experienced apartment locators at Washington D.C. Second Chance Apartments – you will not pay any fees for our service.


No matter what your credit score, if a credit report doesn’t look great or if there is an eviction or broken lease showing, we can help you with finding a suitable Washington D.C. 2nd chance apartment. 

You are not alone because there are roughly 45 million people across the nation who either have insufficient or no credit history at all, information provided by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. So, rest easy knowing you are not alone and like those individuals who found a place to rent, you can, too! We are the industry’s top locating service helping area residents find 2nd chance apartments in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. Broken Lease – Most renters will have a written lease between themselves and their landlords, which clearly states the rules and conditions of the lease that must be followed. A broken lease in Washington is when a signed lease is broken by a tenant. It means that the tenant vacated their apartment or rental property before the end of the lease without an authorized consent by the landlord, and this means the leasing terms were ultimately abandoned by the lease holder. Breaking a lease can impact your tenant rating and/or rental history. When this occurs, it means later if you want to go somewhere else in the future, you may very well have a problem getting approved. If you have a Washington D.C. broken lease, it can stay listed in the landlord/tenant reporting databases for anywhere up to 7-years. This can affect not only getting approved for an apartment but also affect you getting a credit card or even a loan in the future. If you have had a broken lease or something else, we can assist you with finding a 2nd chance apartment in Washington D.C.


Washington D.C. evictions also is serious and can affect getting approved for an apartment or getting a credit card or loan in the future. Experiencing an eviction in Washington D.C. is not only upsetting to be thrown out of your place before the lease is up, but the years of impact it can have on your rental and credit history in the future is just as stressful. Rest easy knowing, landlords have laws they must follow and cannot change apartment locks because they want to evict their tenant. An eviction in Washington D.C. is a legal process that must be taken care of through a court, which is initiated by the landlord and finalized by a judge in court. A proper legal protocol in Washington D.C. must take place before an eviction is carried out. It is always recommended to consult with a Washington D.C. eviction attorney once you receive an eviction notice from your landlord to make sure your legal rights are being handled properly. While an eviction is serious, you can still easily find a selection of Washing D.C. 2nd chance apartments to choose from.


Regardless if you have a broken lease, eviction, foreclosure or anything else negative showing on your report, Washington D.C. Second Chance Apartments will be able to assist you at no cost! We have a large database of all types and sizes of units by independent landlords and apartment complexes in Washington D.C., so finding a place based on your requirements is easy. If you don’t have good credit, a broken lease or an eviction in Washington D.C. and need a place to rent, you found the best place to help you.


You will be accepted for a Washington D.C. apartment if you don’t have any credit, bad credit, an eviction, foreclosure, or even a broken lease!


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For many years, our Washington D.C. apartment locating service has been known throughout the area for being able to connect renters with an apartment or other rental property regardless of their poor credit or rental history. Our expert rental locator agents have the knowledge and skills needed to match you with an apartment of your dreams! Get started today, and see how we can help you find your next Washington D.C. apartment! See how countless area locals say we are their number one choice in finding an apartment.