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Submit the online form with as much detail as possible regarding your credit, rental history, or criminal background as possible.  Please be sure to include any other issues that are inhibiting your ability to lease nearby second-chance apartments. By submitting the form, you will save yourself and your representative a lot of time. The form allows your second chance consultant to already have a list of questions formulated that are designed to address your specific needs and circumstances. Please be prepared to provide the following. Remember we are here in your corner fighting for you. We are able to provide a much better quality service if we are sufficiently informed about your current and past situations.

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Before speaking to your consultant, be knowledgeable of what is on your credit bureaus. Knowing your credit score is extremely important. Many second-chance apartments and landlords have minimum credit score requirements. For example; if your credit is below 550, then we need to focus solely on properties that we have found to be the most lenient offering second-chance leases. You can easily research the 3 credit bureaus. Equifax, Transunion, and Experian online to get your credit report. There are also several alternative resources created to easily acquire the needed information. Be aware of how many accounts you have in collections. It is beneficial to know the total dollar amount. Second-chance rentals are often more lenient on certain types of debt than others.
Also be prepared to provide your representative with any detail regarding past rental debts, late payments, or evictions. Any rental debt is considered to be the definition of a broken lease. It is very helpful if we know the date of the dept or eviction. It is also helpful for us to know the dollar amount of the debt. Informing us of any good rental since the rental history problem is also very helpful.

All Adults Are Required To Apply

If there is a criminal background of any kind that is inhibiting any adult’s ability to successfully apply for an apartment, then we also need to know the details surrounding any criminal convictions and even recorded charges. What is the date of the conviction or charge? What is the nature of the offense? When were you released from incarceration, parole, or probation? Have you rented anything in your name since the charge or conviction? If yes, then where?
Our consultant’s questions are always meant to explore as many opportunities on your behalf as possible. To further improve the odds of being approved, we will also need the needed credit, rental, and criminal record details of all adults applying. We truly want you to be successful in helping you find 2nd chance apartments near you.
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