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The Seattle-Tacoma WA area is one of the fastest growing regions in the United States right now. Located on beautiful Puget Sound, many companies are moving to the green-friendly area, causing housing prices to skyrocket. If you are trying to locate a place to live through an apartment finder, you know it is hard. If you have a credit or rental black mark on your history such as an eviction, delinquency, or broken lease, it can feel nearly impossible.


We can help with second chance apartments in Tacoma, Bellevue, and the surrounding areas. When you need to find an apartment, it can be tough to locate rental properties that accept evictions. When you use a company like ours, we know which second chance rentals in Bellevue are bad credit ok, or will work with homeless prevention issues in Tacoma. We know that turning over a new leaf can be tough and a hand up can really help.


A strong plus in the area, whether hunting an apartment in Olympia, Redmond, Everett or another part of the lower Puget Sound region, is the availability of good public transportation. Light rail, bus service, ferries, and good connecting roads make it easier for finding and keeping a good job in our growing region. That helps, as even in 2nd chance apartment programs, most complexes do require a minimal level of monthly income. Second chance housing in Renton or Bellevue provides an opportunity for you to get back on your feet, help improve your rental and credit history, and gives you a safe roof over your head.


Some complexes we work with are no credit check apartments in Seattle and Tacoma. This is especially helpful if you were one of the people who suffered during the economic downturn a decade ago or lost it all in fires in Oregon and California. A bad credit apartment gives you the ability to prove yourself and helps improve your rental history while having a safe place to live, perhaps in Kent, Puyallup, or Auburn. Second chance leasing helps establish a pattern of reliability and counters delinquencies on your records.


If you are in need of an eviction friendly, 2nd chance apartment in Tacoma or the area, contact our company through our easy to use contact form. We will assign a personal rental agent to you to review your case and see how we can help you. Some of the units we work with have no credit check required. 

We know some people, especially those returning from the service or in the maritime industries, may have little history. We work with those cases as well.


Most of our programs have no fees, a big plus when you are working hard to get together rent and deposits. We understand. Your personal rental agent will help you locate apartments that work with broken leases, poor credit history, and other challenges. A bad credit apartment does not mean you have to live in a neighborhood that scares you to go home to, either. It means you have a hand up to get back on your feet in a 2nd chance apartment in a good area like Lakewood or Federal Way.


When your home has been repossessed, lost in a tragedy and you are uninsured, or have credit challenges, we can help. We have a number of apartment complexes that work with us to help your second chance apartment become a reality for a place to call home.


Seattle Leading Second Chance Apartment Locators
Renting an apartment is POSSIBLE regardless of what’s on your credit report …
Slow Pays, Eviction or Broken Lease, Foreclosure, Repossession or Lien!


FREE Apartment Locator Services in Seattle. The process is simple:


  1. Once your filled-out form is submitted, we will assign you to a rental locator to assist you. Your rental agent will match your information with available 2nd chance apartments to rent.
  3. A list of all the available second chance apartments in Seattle will be printed and will include pictures, a selection of floor plans and rent amounts.
  5. Lastly, your rental agent will share the results with you, and then we’ll proceed from there.

No need to delay because you have a second chance right now, and you deserve to have it. Seattle second chance apartment finders can find your next apartment regardless of your credit or rental history. We know no or poor credit can impact your chances of chosen to make us their main choice whenever looking for an apartment. Isn’t it your time to take the very next step and see how we can help you with renting a Seattle apartment! There is no charge for our service, so there is no reason to delay in getting in contact with us. You will be glad you did!