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Have you recently had some issues with your credit and afraid it may impact you from getting approved for an apartment to rent? Anything negative stated on a credit report may impact a potential landlord or apartment management company from approving a rental application to rent an apartment. What can affect getting approved for an apartment or rental property lease is delinquencies or slow pays, an eviction, back rent owing from a broken lease, a repossession, a foreclosure, a lien or anything else negative that may show up on the credit report. Anything you want to rent or purchase will most likely be checked by a landlord or company to make sure you are worthy of paying the monthly rent or billing statement every month. What may have happened in the past that is now affecting you in the present, does not need to affect you from being able to get approved to rent an apartment. Fortunately, there are 2nd chance apartments in Philadelphia that are forgiving to those who may have had issues in their past that has negatively affected their credit history and/or rental history today. With Philadelphia Apartment Locators by your side, you will be able to get the most suitable second chance apartment in Philadelphia matching your needs.


Philadelphia is the most populous city in the State of Pennsylvania with over 1.5 million citizens living in approximately 668,000 housing units all through the city. Because of how populated the Philadelphia area is, there are an assortment of apartments and rental properties including 2nd chance apartments available to rent currently. Most landlords and apartment complexes do have strict criteria before approving anyone to rent and therefore many renters who have credit issues have a hard time finding a place. Fortunately, there are many places located throughout the city that will forgive someone’s unfavorable credit history and approve them for a 2nd chance apartment in Philadelphia and the neighboring areas.


The process of locating a suitable apartment matching certain criteria which includes a variety of floor plans, amenities and rent prices can be overwhelming for anyone who even has perfect credit. Nowadays, people are much busier than ever before, and it makes it more challenging to find a place to rent. 

Regardless of your credit – good or bad, Philadelphia’s Second Chance Apartment Finders will be able to assist you with finding a place to rent, matching your needs without waiting your time or money. The services we provide potential renters is completely free. We do no charge any fees to assist with finding a suitable apartment regardless if your credit is good or bad.

Again, there are many places available to rent in Philadelphia and the neighboring areas, but the main issue for a renter who has bad credit is finding a potential landlord that may rent to them if they have a broken lease or eviction in Philadelphia or somewhere else, poor credit or no credit all. For these times for potential renters, the process of locating an apartment is not only stressful by time-consuming. The area’s leading and most trusted second chance apartment finders is Philadelphia 2nd Chance Apartment Locators. We will be able to help you find an apartment to rent regardless if you have an eviction, broken lease or a slow payment history on your credit report! There is no need to worry any longer because we will assist regardless of your situation.


Did you know a broken lease or eviction Philadelphia can potentially impact your credit and you obtaining a Philadelphia apartment to rent?


There are well over 45 million people across the nation that either have bad or no credit history. This is what the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has stated. This is a lot of people who struggle with bad or no credit history. You are not alone, and there is hope for you!


Broken Lease in Philadelphia – When a tenant has a lease with a landlord for a specific period and for whatever reason, the tenant up and leaves their apartment and abandons the lease without communicating with the landlord. For whatever reason a tenant abandons their lease, it can impact their credit rating and their rental history. It is always best to communicate with the landlord to find out if there is a way to work with the tenant to avoid a broken lease. If you end up having a broken lease in Philadelphia, there is a chance it will show up in the landlord-tenant reporting databases for up to 7 years, along with the back rent and any fees showing up as unpaid on the credit report.


Eviction in Philadelphia – One of the main violations on a lease between a renter and a landlord is not paying the rent. If you don’t pay your monthly rent, the landlord can initiate an eviction through the court system. A landlord cannot evict the tenant without having it properly handled through the court. If you have not paid your rent, the landlord cannot force you to leave the apartment or even change the locks. It must go through the court, and a judge most award the eviction to take place. If you receive an eviction notice or are being eviction, it would be advisable to consult with a Philadelphia eviction lawyer.


No matter what it is that is showing up on your credit history or rental history – a broken lease, eviction, slow pays, foreclosure, repossession or a lien, Philadelphia 2nd Chance Apartment Locators can help you find an apartment to rent. We have the nation’s largest rental database of available apartments and rental properties to rent including second chance apartments in Philadelphia. Our service is to help you find the about best second chance apartment in Philadelphia matching your needs! Again, our service for locating an apartment is free to you!


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Philadelphia Apartment Locators – Leading Second Chance Apartment Finders in Philadelphia will easily help you find an apartment no matter how poor your credit may be. Discover why lots of renters in the Philadelphia area consider us as their top resource to finding an apartment. You will find our entire process very easy to get started and is effective. Our locating service is at no cost to you, and you will find is well worth it in the end. Don’t let bad credit or no credit stand in the way of acquiring your dream apartment.