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Philadelphia Second Chance Apartments is the number one resource in the Philadelphia area that specializes in assisting individuals and families that have bad credit, broken leases, evictions, misdemeanors, and even felonies. Philadelphia is not only the city of freedom but also of 2nd chances for people with poor rental histories, low FICO scores, and criminal backgrounds. Do you have distressing credit and fear it may impact you from getting approved apartments in Philadelphia? Anything negative stated on a credit report may impact a potential landlord or apartment management company from approving a rental application. The primary problems people often encounter that can affect being approved for Philadelphia rentals are the history of slow pay, evictions, broken leases, repossession, back child support, tax liens, and bankruptcies.

All Philadelphia apartments run credit and criminal background checks. They always want to make sure you are a responsible and financially secure tenant. They also want to make sure that you do not have a serious criminal record. For many people, their credit and criminal background will prevent them from leasing most apartments in Philadelphia. Fortunately, there are 2nd chance apartments in Philadelphia willing to accept your application. With Philadelphia 2nd Chance Apartments by your side, you will be able to get the most suitable second-chance apartments in Philadelphia and the nearby areas. We can provide apartments in Cherry Hill, Camden, Wayne, Springfield, media, Plymouth Meeting, King of Prussia, Abington, Blue Bell, Willow Grove, Horsham, Chester, etc. if you are already in the Philadelphia area just search “find second chance it’s near me” on the internet. Your journey will begin from there. We can find second-chance apartments in Camden, New Jersey. 

People are much busier than ever before. Not having near enough time to look makes it more challenging to find a place to rent. Our job at second chance apartments in Philadelphia is to eliminate wasting your time, and your money, attempting to find apartments in Philadelphia willing to accept your application. Having poor rental history, lower credit scores, and criminal background are three major obstacles inhibiting people from finding second-chance rentals in Philadelphia. We have already taken the time to study the Philadelphia area and call all the apartments. We already know who will offer second-chance leasing near you. Regardless of back credit, poor rental history, felony, or misdemeanor, Philadelphia’s Second Chance Apartments finds apartments that will accept your application near you.

 There are several apartments in Philadelphia offering second-chance rentals to deserving applicants. The area’s leading and most trusted second chance apartment finders is Philadelphia 2nd Chance Apartments. We will be able to help you find an apartment to rent regardless if you have an eviction, broken lease, or history of slow payments on your credit report! There is really no need to not use our vast resources and knowledge. We will find apartments near you willing to offer a second chance.

Statistics show nearly 1 out of 8 Americans have some sort of severe credit issue or criminal background that prevents them from securing suitable apartments or homes. The numbers are staggering. Several apartments in the Philadelphia area recognize the huge market there is and are willing to cater to individuals with broken leases, evictions, bad credit, and criminal convictions.  There are several second-chance apartments in Lancaster, PA. 

Broken Leases: A broken lease is a term used whenever a tenant vacates a lease agreement with a balance still owed. The balance can be created for nonpayment of rent, failure to give proper notice, cleaning expenses, or property damages caused by the tenant. The balances are usually sent to collection agencies, who in turn report them to the credit bureaus. This will have a negative effect on the tenant’s credit score and rental history for seven years or even longer. It can make it very difficult to find another apartment or landlord that is willing to accept your application. They categorize individuals with broken leases as high-risk tenants. If they are willing to accept your application, they will almost always charge a higher deposit or a nonrefundable high-risk fee.  There are quite a few second-chance apartments in Wilmington, PA. 

Evictions: Considered much more severe than broken leases. The apartments are landlords actually take the time out of their day and go file in order to evict with the local court. This filing can often cost between $100-$200. A constable will deliver an order of eviction being filed to the tenant. Both the landlords and the tenants are scheduled to attend a legal proceeding, where it is left up to a judge to render a verdict. If the tenant is behind on rent and does not have a good reason that they can verify before the judge, they will normally be ordered to vacate the residence. Evictions will go on the tenant’s public record. It will be on the public record for at least seven years. It is something like being charged with a traffic violation and found guilty. Furthermore, it stays on your record and will severely inhibit anyone’s ability to lease another apartment or home. Individuals who have been evicted are considered extremely high-risk tenants. They forced their previous apartment or landlord to file an eviction on them so the apartment or landlord can legally recover their property.

No matter what it is that is showing up on your credit history or rental history, broken leases, evictions, slow pays, foreclosures, repossessions, any kind of liens or criminal offense, Philadelphia 2nd Chance Apartment Locators can help you find 2nd chance leases near you. We can also find second-chance apartments in Trenton, New Jersey.  We have second-chance apartments in Reading, PA.

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