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Apartments Accepting Felonies and Misdemeanors

You probably have heard the expression “Everyone deserves a 2nd chance.” Although the phrase might not be true all the time, we feel it is true for the people that cannot secure a place to live due their criminal past.

Many landlords and property owners

Many landlords and property owners operate on the “One strike and you’re out” business model, which leaves millions of people throughout the United States desperate to find second-chance leases. Whether you hit a rough financial patch or have just finished serving a criminal sentence, Second Chance Apartments has earned a solid reputation for helping people that deserve second-chance rentals. Our service locates apartments that accept offenders with felonies or misdemeanors on their criminal records. We understand your criminal history without any judgment. We have helped thousands of people with both felony and misdemeanor backgrounds.

Second Chance Apartments is in the business of offering hope, not kicking someone when they are down. Whether you have an eviction, a foreclosure, or a repossession on your record, we work with our clients to find affordable housing that includes apartments accepting criminal backgrounds.

If you have a felony or a misdemeanor on your record, it can be nearly impossible to find apartments accepting criminal backgrounds. If you have a good job and earn a consistent income, many landlords and property managers refuse to lease an apartment to individuals that have a criminal past. Always expect the landlord or property manager to check your criminal background before they do anything else. It might seem nearly impossible to find an apartment accepting felons or even misdemeanors. Our team of second-chance apartment locators will make it much easier to find second-chance rentals for nearly all those with criminal backgrounds.

Some landlords and property managers approve second-chance leases from applicants that have a criminal record for more than one year since the date of the conviction. More landlords and property owners consider applicants with criminal records going back longer than seven years. The longer time passes between a conviction and applying for a 2nd chance lease, the more likely the landlord approves the application. Applicants seeking apartments accepting misdemeanors and felons have a much better odds of being approved using the resources of Second Chance

If you have a felony or a misdemeanor on your record

Another option may be to have your criminal record expunged

 Expunging a criminal record does not make it magically disappear. However, a landlord or a property owner would not be able to access your criminal record. The likelihood of having your criminal record expunged depends on the nature of the crime, the legal guidelines established by your jurisdiction, and the amount of time that has passed since the conviction. Texas does allow for expungements of criminal records.

Some properties offer second chance leasing if a felony or misdemeanors if it is over 1 year since the actual date of the conviction. Even more, will accept an application if it is over 7 years. Then again even more if it is over 10 years since your conviction date. Some properties use the date you completed your parole or probation. When it comes to misdemeanors several properties overlook them completely if they are not violence related. If you do have a violence-related misdemeanor (misdemeanor assault etc) it could be as difficult to place you in an apartment that will accept this type of felony.

The older the criminal offense the better. The odds are always better for a second chance rental for older criminal backgrounds. Non-violent felons or misdemeanors are easier to place in apartments than violent or violence-related offenders. 

The landlords and apartments are not supposed to use criminal arrest records. This is if the applicant was charged with a crime but not convicted. If you have an extensive record of criminal behavior but no actual convictions the arrest record is still often used to determine if you will be approved for a second chance rental.

Some applicants are led to believe

Some applicants are led to believe if they received a deferred adjudication then they have not actually been convicted. If the conviction has not been expunged or sealed it does remain on your record. Probation is still a sentence given by a judge for a conviction. Deferred adjudication is normally given to first time offenders. If you are still on probation, it does make it more difficult to be approved for an apartment. Landlords and apartment management are hesitant to chance the risk of a lease holder violating their probation. The resident may not be able to pay their rent if you are incarcerated.

Second Chance Apartments work

Second Chance Apartments work with both landlords and property management companies. Although we have success working with both types of apartment managers, you have a better chance of getting a rental application approved by submitting one to an individual landlord. Instead of dealing with the bureaucracy at a property management company, a landlord is likely to be more receptive to your past. Here at 2nd chance apartments we make it easier for your question “How to find apartment near me accepting felons?” There are apartments that accept felons, and we can help you increase your chances of being accepted.

Honesty is the Best Policy

As the old saying goes, honesty is the best policy when it comes to finding apartments accepting misdemeanors and felonies. Criminal background checks seldom miss offenses from your past, no matter how long ago it took place. The best strategy for finding apartments that accept misdemeanors is to be honest and clearly communicate with the landlord or property manager about your criminal past. If a landlord or a property manager discovers your criminal history on a background report, they will think you are trying to hide your past. You also want to show them how you have changed your life by bringing close family members with you when to meet the future landlord or apartment manager. You may want to ask your employer to offer a good reference.

Positive Rental History

Many second 2nd chance apartments that work with felonies examine an applicant’s rental history before and after a conviction. If you have established healthy relationships with previous landlords and property managers, some apartments accepting felonies may be willing to accept your application.

More Money for a Security Deposit

The amount of the security deposits by landlords and property management companies depends on the credit and rental history of prospective tenants. Landlords and property owners may increase security deposits for applicants that have criminal records. You will not be required to pay a higher security deposit at the start of the application process. Second Chance Apartments has established good working relationships with many apartments accepting criminal records.

Person holding keys

Our Income

The Income Requirements

Apartments accepting misdemeanors and apartments that accept felonies often use an income formula to determine whether to approve an application for second chance rentals.

The standard income formula used by landlords and property managers is monthly income must be at least three times more than the monthly rent. There are a few with lower income requirements. Having a strong work history is a definite advantage in being approved for a second chance property.

Balancing Credit Score with Criminal Background

We work with many clients that have established good or excellent FICO scores. For many of the 2nd chance apartments that we work with regularly, establishing a good or excellent credit score can be all it takes for criminal backgrounds to become irrelevant. However, that does not apply to sex related and violent crimes

Our story

Let Us Handle Everything

Yes, you can help your cause by being honest and showing how you have turned your life around to deserve a 2nd chance apartment. However, you cannot expect to get your foot in the door unless you work with a company that specializes in finding apartments for people that deserve second chances.

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