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Los Angeles Apartment Locating Service: Leading Los Angeles Second Chance Apartments Bad Credit, Broke Leases & Evictions are our Specialty!

Regardless if you have bad credit, no credit, a foreclosure, an eviction or broken lease appearing on your credit report, Los Angeles Apartment Locators will help you find an apartment regardless of your credit score, credit history or rental history! As you probably know, there are more challenges for renters who have credit or past rental issues to get approved for an apartment than those who don’t have any negative marks on their credit report. Unfortunately, when a potential landlord or apartment management company sees late payment history or other serious problems like a foreclosure or eviction on the credit report, they are hesitant about renting an apartment to those people. But, you do not need to worry about it any longer because Los Angeles Apartment Finders will find you the best 2nd chance apartment in Los Angeles meeting your criteria. Our service is free to you!

There are two types of rental issues that can affect your credit and rental history, a broken lease or an eviction. Either of these are serious situations and can make it very difficult to not only find a place to rent, but it can also affect obtaining a credit card or a loan in the future. Even if you have something negative on your credit report, you can still qualify for a 2nd chance apartment in Los Angeles with our assistance.

Los Angeles Broken Lease – A signed lease between a renter and a landlord for a specific period, typically for one year that is abandoned early by the renter. For whatever reason, when the tenant up and leaves their apartment, abandoning the lease before the lease has ended, it is considered a broken lease. Breaking the lease without communicating with the landlord is a violation of the lease. The amount of rent owing from the broken lease will most likely go into collections with a possibility of legal action. When there is outstanding rent owing because of the broken lease, it can potentially affect our credit and your rental history for up to 7-years. You can still qualify for a Los Angeles second chance apartment even if you have a broken lease.

Los Angeles Eviction – When a renter has a lease with a landlord and the renter violates one of the terms of the lease, a landlord can pursue a legal eviction through the court system. Typically, evictions occur more often when a renter doesn’t pay their rent, but evictions can occur if there is a violation of another lease term. 

If a landlord wants to evict their tenant, they cannot take back the apartment while you are still living in it by changing the locks. It is against the law for a landlord to force a tenant out of their apartment. A landlord can successfully be granted a legal eviction by following the proper protocol and once approved by the court. If you are presented with an eviction notice, it would be advisable to consult with a Los Angeles tenant eviction attorney to make sure your rights are not violated. Los Angeles Apartment Locators will be able to find you a variety of second chance apartments in Los Angeles even if you have an eviction on your record.


With over 3.7 million individuals, Los Angeles, CA is found in Los Angeles County. Area residents live in about 1.4 million housing units with many area locals living in 2nd chance apartments. Trying to find a second chance apartment on your own can be very overwhelming, especially if poor credit is not in your favor. Los Angeles Apartment Finders can make the apartment search process effortless for you. For many years, we have served the entire Los Angeles area by helping renters find their dream apartment or rental property!


No Matter What … Regardless of your credit history – good or bad, we can help match you with a Los Angeles Second Chance Apartment!


Our service is absolutely FREE! It is quite simple to get started with your Los Angeles apartment search. Just fill out the simple form completely, and we will respond with the best available 2nd chance apartments in Los Angeles based on your criteria! We will exceed all your expectations, and again at no cost.


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  1. Fill out the information form completely and once we receive it, we will assign you to your own personalized rental agent. Their goal will be to provide you the best suited list of Los Angeles apartments based on your requirements.
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  5. Once, everything is printed, your rental agent will review the list with you, and then we will take it from there.

With our extensive rental database, including numerous apartment complexes and individual landlords, we can easily locate you with a perfect apartment. Los Angeles Apartment Locators is an industry leader, with the best rental agents and leasing agents on board who have the experience and knowledge to help you. We help renters get a 2nd chance apartment in Los Angeles regardless of bad credit, no credit history, an eviction or broken lease. Customer complete satisfaction is vital to us, so we will go the extra mile to help you get exactly what you want in a place to live, at a price you can manage to pay.


Many locals know that having an apartment locator by their side is the best and easiest way to locate an apartment. Los Angeles Rental Locators will take the unknown out of looking for a place by making it possible for you to choose all the amenities you want while staying within your budget for an apartment.


Let the professionals at Los Angeles Second Chance Apartment Locators help you find your next apartment regardless if you have no or bad credit, a broken lease or eviction on record. We proudly assist renters find apartments, and our service is FREE! Find out why renters in Los Angeles trust us with finding their next apartment.