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   Los Angeles Second Chance Apartments is the ultimate resource finding apartments willing to accept your application. We offer 2nd chance apartments willing to accept bad credit, no credit, foreclosures, evictions broken leases, misdemeanors and felonies. Los Angeles second chance apartments is capable of helping you find apartments near you that will accept your application. Primarily because of the high cost of living in the Los Angeles area there is a large population with broken leases and evictions. These issues will have negative effects on your credit. As you may want to apartments in Los Angeles can often be reluctant accepting applicants with bad credit, poor rental histories, and criminal background. Los Angeles 2nd Chance Apartments will find apartments willing to accept your application. We offer second chance apartments in nearby Pasadena, Compton, Inglewood, San Fernando, East LA, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Irvine etc. if you are already in the LA area simply search  “find second chance apartments near me” on any mobile device or computer.

   There are two types of rental issues that can affect your credit and rental history, a broken lease or an eviction. Either of these are serious situations and can make it very difficult to not only find a place to rent, but it can also affect obtaining a credit card or a loan in the future. Even if you have something negative on your credit report, you can still qualify for 2nd chance apartments in Los Angeles by utilizing our service. We have spent literally hundreds of hours researching apartments to find second chance apartments willing to except broken leases, bad credit, evictions, felonies and misdemeanors.

Los Angeles Broken Leases – A lease agreement or contract is a legally binding document between the tenant and landlord. When the tenant vacates the lease without proper notice and leaving a balance of unpaid rent is considered a broken lease. Vacating a lease and leaving cleaning expenses and property damage’s will also be considered as a broken. Breaking the lease without proper notice and not paying the penalties required in the lease agreement is a violation of the lease. The amount of rent owing from the broken lease will most likely go into collections and be reported to the credit bureaus, thus having a negative effect on your credit for seven or more years. It’s When there is outstanding rent owing because of the broken lease, it can dramatically lower the chances of apartments willing to set your application you can still qualify for a Los Angeles second chance apartment even if there is a broken lease on your rental history.


Los Angeles Evictions – apartments in Los Angeles area and let often result filing an eviction when the tenant has a record of slow pain the rent on time, not paying the rent at all, property damage, and housing occupants who have not been screened. Evictions are a legal proceeding brought in front of court of law. It is illegal for a landlord to force a tenant out of their apartment by changing the locks. A landlord can successfully be granted a legal eviction by following the proper legal procedures. If an eviction has been filed against you it is always advisable to review the California Attorney General’s website to review articles regarding tenant’s rights. You may want to consider hiring an attorney though that could be more expensive than it’s worth. LA’s 2nd Chance Apartments will find second chance apartments in Los Angeles even if you have an eviction on your public record or credit report.

 With over 3.7 million individuals, Los Angeles, CA is found in Los Angeles County. Area residents live in about 1.4 million housing units with many area locals living in 2nd chance apartments. Trying to find a second chance apartment on your own can be very overwhelming, especially if poor credit is not in your favor. Los Angeles 2nd Chance Apartments can make the apartment search process effortless for you. For many years, we have served the entire Los Angeles area by helping renters find their dream apartment or rental property!


 Regardless of your credit history we can find  Los Angeles Second Chance Apartments near you!




   It is very easy to get started with your Los Angeles apartment search. Just quality fill out the simple form completely, and we will respond with quality 2nd chance apartments in Los Angeles near you. We do our best to exceed your expectations.


  The Los Angeles area offers hundreds of apartments that will accept your application. LA 2nd Chance Apartments is the premier resource finding second chance apartments near you We help renters get a 2nd chance apartment in Los Angeles regardless of bad credit, no credit history, an eviction, broken lease or criminal background. Our team will never jump to conclusions about you or prejudge you. We are only here to help you find nearby apartments willing to accept your application. We will be there every step along the way. You can always call us with any complications may have. Never hesitate to ask us any questions.

Let the professionals at Los Angeles Second Chance Apartment Locators help you find your next apartment regardless if you have zero or bad credit, a broken lease, eviction or criminal record. We proudly assist renters find apartments near them offering 2nd chance leasing. Find out why renters in Los Angeles trust us with finding their next apartment.   

Los Angeles Apartment Accepting Felonies and Misdemeanors.

Do you have a criminal past?  Are you concerned about being approved for a second chance apartments in the Los Angeles area?  The process of being approved for an apartment is multi layered. The criminal history is always checked. A criminal background can be one of the biggest roadblocks being accepted at Los Angeles apartments.  
Criminal background checks are a necessary process that Los Angeles area apartments are required by municipalities to conduct. They number one goal is to be certain their property will stay safe and the monthly rents will be paid on time. It is factual individuals with felonies and misdemeanors in Los Angeles are higher risk than people with no criminal backgrounds. Data shows criminal offenders often return to their destructive past. Here at Los Angeles Second Chance Apartments we improve your odds of a successful life by connecting you with quality LA apartments. 
Fortunately, there are 2nd chance apartments in the LA area that will accept felonies, and misdemeanors. Theo odds of individual’s application being approved increase if the date of the criminal conviction is relatively old. Every 2nd chance property has different standards. Los Angeles Second Chance Apartments will ease your process of searching for an apartment We know it can be quite a frustrating process. 
If your jurisdiction allows expungement of a criminal background is always advisable. It will seal felonies and misdemeanors from the public

When Seeking for an Apartment in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area:

1. Demonstrating trustworthiness from the beginning is always best. Purposely not informing the Los Angeles apartments of your any felonies or misdemeanors will automatically cause your application to be denied.
2. It is always important to maintain good rental history. Your rental history will always be a part of the application process. Regardless of a criminal past, keeping a favorable rental history will help your chances being approved LA 2nd chance apartments. 
3. Los Angeles second chance apartments may require a higher security deposit. Individuals with felonies and misdemeanors are often deemed higher risk especially if they are still on parole or probation. 
4. It is very important to maintain stable employment. Providing proof of income is also a large part of the application process for 2nd Chance Los Angeles apartments. LA apartments offering second chances do demand payments for your 2nd chance rentals monthly rent be on time.
5. Higher credit scores are a definite advantage with any 2nd chance apartments. Always pay you bill on time and keep the amount of debt owed low to improve your FICO score. 

Los Angeles Second Chance Apartments will Handle Everything for You!

Los Angeles Second Chance Apartments is regarded as an industry expert in connecting 2nd chance apartments with individuals, whether they have a criminal record, bad credit, broken leases and evictions We know life is complicated. We are here to assist in helping you find the perfect Second Chance Apartments in Los Angeles. 

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Los Angeles Second Chance Apartments desires you have a successful and productive life.