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Premier Rental Locating Services for San Diego Renters.

Whether you are attending school, working in the agricultural and ranch industries, health care and social services arenas, or seeing what opportunities are here for professional, scientific, or technological jobs around San Diego-Carlsbad, opportunities are there. Located on the southwestern end of California, this area has a young, diverse population that enjoys a lot of beautiful weather and varied scenery and activities.

When you are young and starting out, sometimes it is really hard to get an apartment complex to rent to you with no credit check kickbacks, as you have little to show. Maybe you were struggling through college and have trouble finding an apartment because you had to break a lease in Escondido or El Cajon, and now need to live closer to work. 2nd chance apartments in Carlsbad, Coronado, or Encinitas are all possible when you work with a company that specializes in helping people get back on their feet with second chance rentals in the San Diego region.

An apartment finder magazine or listing service usually is not much help if you need rental properties that accept evictions, poor credit, and delinquencies in your history. You need a property that will work with you and allow you to lease at a no credit check apartment in Chula Vista, Santee or Del Mar near where you can work.

Most complexes require a minimum monthly income, so it is important when you need to work towards recovering your credit and rental history that you live close to work. 2nd chance rental programs realize that, and will work with you to help get you into second chance leasing on terms you can afford, because they realize that transportation expense is a big part of anyone’s budget in this area.

Even with a good job, most bad credit is not ok with many apartment managers. Our company works with second chance housing complexes that will work with bad or no credit, breaks in employment, and are even eviction friendly. Second chance housing is about homeless prevention, and we work closely with our clients and the complexes to make that a reality.

If you need a no credit check apartment in San Diego, Solana Beach, or Oceanside, fill out the contact form and hit send. One of our professional rental assistance agents will be assigned to your case, and they will contact you to provide individual attention. Our services are free to help locate second chance housing in National City, La Mesa, and most all areas around San Diego.

A bad credit apartment does not mean a bad neighborhood, either. In a large, growing, dynamic area like San Diego-Carlsbad, we know things happen in life. Local economy and life can turn you upside down fast and get a mark on your credit or rental history, making is it very hard to get into a rental. Let our company help match you up with second chance apartments near where you work, whether it be Oceanside, San Marcos, or San Diego proper, so you can get a new start.