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Need a fresh start with a second chance apartment in Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, CA?

Have you gotten frustrated trying to search for affordable housing through an apartment finder magazine and gotten nowhere due to previous eviction or bad credit? Contact a company that can help you locate second chance housing closer to work or school in areas like Rancho Cucamonga, Chino, Upland, Pomona, or Corona.


Second chance apartments are available in the Inland Empire if you know where to look and have help dealing with credit and rental history. Bad credit is ok as some apartment complexes and private owners offer second chance rentals or even no credit check apartments in Redlands, Ontario, and other areas. One of the important new leaf initiatives in SoCal has been homeless prevention, and a 2nd chance rental program can provide second chance leasing opportunities to help you get on your feet and get a fresh start.


One of the challenges in our urban sprawl Inland Empire area is the fact we have minimal public transportation. This is an important consideration when you are back to work, perhaps in one of the many transportation and shipping hub jobs in our area. A second chance apartment in Riverside or San Bernardino close to where you are working can make the commute situation far easier and less costly.


Many people in the areas east of Los Angles need more affordable housing than is available closer to the main city. The suburbs of the Inland Empire suffered harder during the Recession than a lot of other areas in California, with higher unemployment and higher foreclosure rates. If you were one of those people who suffered layoffs, lost a home, or had to leave an apartment lease early, your rental history and credit often were affected. We know that to find a 2nd chance apartment in Moreno Valley or elsewhere that is eviction friendly and maybe even has no credit check can be difficult.


Our second chance apartment rental program helps you get back on your feet. We work with apartments that accept evictions, life issues, and less than perfect credit histories. We can help find an apartment that given the right situation will work with no credit check, or is a rental property that accepts tenants having evictions, bankruptcy, or foreclosures in their past.


We work with each person individually, as everyone’s issues and history are different. Most apartment complexes do require a minimal threshold for income to start the paperwork, so know that going in. 

Whether it is an eviction, slow pay, a broken lease, liens, or other problems from leases in the past, our services will save you time and help you get back on your feet with a roof over your head.


Bad credit apartments are available in a variety of locations throughout the Inland Empire area. We will assign a personal rental property agent to help you find an apartment that will work with you through the second chance rental program. There is no cost to you, and it takes the stress and guesswork out of finding a place. Whether you are looking in San Bernardino, Ontario, Riverside or one of our many communities in the area, talk to us. Fill out the contact form and our agent will reach out to you to see how we can assist you in finding a 2nd chance apartment that will be your new home.


Riverside’s Leading Second Chance Apartment Locators
Renting an apartment is POSSIBLE regardless of what’s on your credit report …
Slow Pays, Eviction or Broken Lease, Foreclosure, Repossession or Lien!


FREE Apartment Locator Services in Riverside – San Bernadino – Ontario. The process is simple:


  1. Once your filled-out form is submitted, we will assign you to a rental locator to assist you. Your rental agent will match your information with available 2nd chance apartments to rent.
  3. A list of all the available second chance apartments in Riverside will be printed and will include pictures, a selection of floor plans and rent amounts.
  5. Lastly, your rental agent will share the results with you, and then we’ll proceed from there.

No need to delay because you have a second chance right now, and you deserve to have it. Riverside second chance apartment finders can find your next apartment regardless of your credit or rental history. We know no or poor credit can impact your chances of chosen to make us their main choice whenever looking for an apartment. Isn’t it your time to take the very next step and see how we can help you with renting a Riverside apartment! There is no charge for our service, so there is no reason to delay in getting in contact with us. You will be glad you did!