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Currently, do you have late pays, an eviction, a foreclosure, a broken lease, a lien or repossession showing up on your credit report or rental history? Because of something negative showing on your credit report, does it discourage you from finding a suitable place to rent in NYC? It can be challenging finding a landlord or apartment management company to accept your credit history and rent an apartment to you. Being rejected repeatedly, a person can quickly lose hope. New York Apartment Locators is the industry leader when it comes to matching renters with landlords. We help renters locate second chance apartments in New York, and we can help you, too! The entire process is simple and best of all, it is free!


The future is the unknown, and because of that, we may face something in the future that impacts our financial situation. When this happens, it may cause something negative to show up on your credit report. It happens, many people at some point in their lives encounter something that has affected their credit. Don’t lose hope, because you can rebuild and get your credit history back on track. New York Apartment Locators will assist you with locating the very best New York 2nd chance apartment regardless of what is appearing on your credit report. We can assure you, you will be able to land the best apartment in New York City that will satisfy your requirements and your monthly spending budget.


Within the State of New York, New York City is the most populous city with well over 8.5 million citizens living in around 3-million various housing units. There are five thriving boroughs in NYC which are Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx and Brooklyn. So, there all kinds of different places offering second apartments within in the five boroughs. As you can imagine, there is a wide range of 2nd chance apartments available in NYC to rent, and we can help you!


New York City Apartment Locators have the industry’s best locators, leasing agents, rental agents and real estate agents available to assist you with finding a New York 2nd chance apartment or rental property regardless of your prior credit circumstances. Most importantly, our services are always free to you, and you will not find any hidden fees!


It is difficult to have hundreds available places to rent, and even more difficult not know which one is a second chance apartment in New York City. 

With that said, we can make the process much easier for you. We have a large database of hundreds of landlords and apartment management companies in NYC and will be able to easily connect you with the best matched apartment or rental property suiting your requirements. What are you waiting for? Our professional apartment locators at New York Apartment Finders are waiting to assist you.


Again, regardless of your credit history, how poor your credit score or how unsatisfactory your rental history, even if you have a broken lease or eviction in New York, we can help you with a wide range of 2nd chance apartments in New York, which you can choose from. Did you know there are about 45 million individuals located around the country that either have no credit history or not so perfect credit history per the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Therefore, you are definitely not alone.


Have you had a New York broken lease in the past? A renter and a landlord sign a rental lease agreeing to the terms, and then must be followed for a certain period of time. When a renter abandons their lease without the consent of the landlord before the lease ends, it is called a broken lease. When a lease is broken by the renter, it can ultimately affect their credit report and rental history. It may do damage to your credit, making it difficult to find a place to rent. If you have an New York broken lease, it may stay listed in the landlord/tenant reporting databases for approximately 7 years. This can be quite upsetting!


Also, New York evictions more than likely will significantly impact your chances of renting an apartment in the future, too. Experiencing an eviction in New York City can be overwhelming, and an eviction may take place if a leasing term is violated such as not paying your rent. The landlord may be forced to vacate your apartment and retain it back under the authority of the court. Landlords cannot force you to move out of the apartment by changing the locks while you are still occupying the apartment. It is against the law for any landlord to do something drastic like changing locks to get you to move. For an eviction in New York, it must be taken care of by the Court of Law. If you did receive an eviction notice or are being unlawfully evicted, it is advised to consult with a New York eviction attorney to help exercise your legal rights. Regardless if you have an eviction or not, we can help you locate the absolute best 2nd chance apartment in NYC.


Across the New York area, our New York City apartment locating service is highly regarded for successfully matching renters with a New York second chance apartment. We have quite a few years’ experience in the rental industry and have successfully served countless renters. We are known as the area’s most reputable apartment locating service. Our professional rental locator agents have the skills required to match you successfully with your most desired apartment!


We the industry’s largest rental database loaded with all sorts of apartment complexes and individual landlords in New York. We will find you the best place to rent based on your needs for your new home. Even if you have no credit at all, bad credit with delinquencies, an eviction or broken lease in New York and need a place to rent. New York Apartment Locators will work with you until you have a place to rent. Your complete satisfaction is important to us.


Renting an apartment is POSSIBLE regardless of what’s on your credit report …




FREE Apartment Locator Services in New York City. The process is simple:


  1. Once you submit your completed application, you will be assigned a rental locator assistant. Your rental agent will match your information with available places to rent.
  3. A list of available second chance apartments in NYC will be compiled including pictures, available floor plans and monthly rent prices.
  5. Finally, you will go over the results with your rental agent and we will take it from there.

No need to wait because your second chance is available now, and you deserve it. New York second chance apartment locators will find your next apartment regardless of your credit or rental history is. We know unsatisfactory credit can impact your chances of renting, but we don’t worry. Learn why countless New York apartment renters have made us their top choice when searching for an apartment. Isn’t it about time you take the next step and see how we can assist you with getting a New York apartment! Because our service is completely free, there is no reason to delay in contacting us.