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You can have the apartment of your dreams regardless of what is negative on our credit report! It doesn’t matter if there are late payments, a foreclosure, a lien or something else. Just because you have bad credit, doesn’t mean it will stop you from being able to rent your most desired place to live. Detroit Apartment Locators is highly regarded for being able to successfully aid renters with all sorts of credit situations. We are experts in placing deserving area residents in the best Detroit 2nd chance apartments. The best part is, our service is completely free to you.


There is a larger percentage of people in the U.S. who live paycheck-to-paycheck and do not have money saved for emergencies. It is unfortunate because if an emergency arises, it may affect their monthly bills from being paid on time. This may even affect the rent being paid on time, too. There are two major types of situations that could possibly happen when a renter is having financial struggles or something else going on, and that is dealing with the possibility of a broken lease or an eviction.


Detroit, MI is a large city discovered in Wayne County with over 677,000 individuals taking up residence in roughly 200,000 housing units. Looking for an apartment on your own can be either easy or overwhelming, depending if you have poor credit or not. Having poor credit means more landlords may reject the application for renting an apartment. To make the entire search process quick and effortless, Detroit Apartment Locators can help find the properties that will approve you for a 2nd chance apartment in Detroit. Throughout the Detroit area, we are acknowledged for helping individuals with poor credit find the best second chance apartment in Detroit.


Broken Lease vs. Eviction


Typically, a renter will have a written lease with their landlord, which is a legal document. Throughout the written lease, it will highlight ever single term that must be read and followed. Although, many people are anxious to move into their new place after the lease signing, it is advisable that the tenant read through the entire lease before signing it. The purpose is so that the tenant fully understands the lease terms, and so questions can be asked before signing it. 

A broken lease and an eviction are two of the most severe situations that violates the terms on the lease and therefore the lease should be read completely.


Detroit Broken Lease:


When a tenant has a lease with a landlord and for whatever reason the tenant up and leaves their apartment and abandons their lease, it is called a broken lease. A broken lease violates the lease and is not acceptable. If there is a situation and a tenant needs to vacate the apartment and abandon their lease, the tenant should communicate with the landlord to see if there is any way to break the lease without damaging the credit report or rental history. A tenant may end up being pleasantly surprised because if they communicate with their landlord, a resolution may occur where the tenant can vacate before their lease early without harming their credit. If a tenant chooses to break the lease without communicating with the landlord, then there is the risk of the credit and/or rental history being affected negatively. If you have a broken lease from the past, Detroit Apartment Locators can assist you with finding the best 2nd chance apartment in Detroit regardless of how poor your credit.


Eviction in Detroit:


An eviction takes place when a renter has violated one of the leasing terms and fails to rectify the situation. Most of the time, an eviction takes place because the tenant has not paid their rent. When a renter doesn’t pay their rent, they are most likely going to be served an eviction notice which will briefly describe what needs to take place to avoid an eviction. An eviction must be handled in a Detroit court and a judge most rule for the eviction to take place. A renter cannot be thrown out or their locks cannot be changed by the landlord because the landlord wants them out of the apartment because it is against the law. If you have been served an eviction notice or will be evicted, it is advisable to speak with a Detroit eviction attorney to make sure your rights are not being violated. Our professional Detroit rental locator agents have the experience required to successfully match you with the absolute best apartment that accommodates your needs and budget!


Detroit Apartment Finders has a comprehensive rental property database filled with all kinds of rental property possibilities, which include apartment complexes and private landlords. We will easily be able to locate you the best matched apartment in Detroit based on your needs and budget. Regardless if you have no credit at all, bad credit, a past evictions or broken lease, a home foreclosure or something else, we will be able to find you a Detroit 2nd chance apartment that will approve your application.


an eviction, a broken lease, a repossession, a foreclosure or a slow payment history


It is very easy to get started in finding 2nd chance apartments in Detroit. Fil out the application form on the website and make sure you fill it out completely. The more information provided, the easier it will be to assist you. After you fill out the form, submit it. Once we receive it, you will be assigned to one of our rental agents who will submit your criteria in our database and a list will be printed. After we have the list, the agent will get in contact with you and go over the results. Then, you select the apartments you are interested in, and we will take it from there. It is that easy to locate a Detroit second chance apartment! Again, our locating service is completely-free to you!


With the assistance of Detroit Apartment Locators, you will save time and the stress. Our agents are prepared to help you find the Detroit second chance apartments that will accept renters with poor credit. Our service is free to renters who need to locate an apartment or other rental property in Detroit regardless of their credit situation. Find out why lots of Detroit apartment renters have put their trust in the hands of Detroit Apartment Locators and ended up finding their perfect apartment.