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Second Chance Apartments Locators helps residents in major metropolitan areas find a second chance apartment regardless of how poor their credit or rental history. Some credit issues that can get in the way of obtaining an apartment or other rental property is if there was a prior broken lease, eviction or some other credit issue on a credit report.

The metropolitan areas we cover are as follows: Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Chicago, Dallas (DFW)Houston, San Francisco, Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Washington D. C. No matter if you have bad credit or not, Second Chance Apartment Locators can help you find the best apartment, meeting your criteria while staying within your budget.

When interested in an apartment, the next step would be to fill out an application to see if you qualify for the apartment. 

This means the apartment complex or landlord will more than likely check your credit to see if there are any credit issues on it. If there is an eviction, broken lease or something else, they may possibly deny your rental application.

Even if you have a recently broken lease, we are still able to find an apartment that will approve your application. There are some properties that will not contact your previous apartment or landlord to verify your rental status. They totally rely on what has been reported to your credit. Contacting previous management of landlords is far too time consuming. So, they just do not bother to contact your previous property. Our agents at second chance apartments are knowledgeable of these properties. If there are no rental debts on your credit, we can get you approved. Several of these properties are high quality.

A broken lease or an eviction are two of the biggest issues that can affect a renter from being approved for an apartment. While having a lease, if you break your lease or get evicted, it can severely affect your credit, making it difficult to get approved for credit or get approved for an apartment. Regardless of a prior broken lease or eviction, Second Chance Apartments will be able to assist you with finding a 2nd chance apartment in one of the top metropolitan areas.


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What is a Broken Lease?

Most renters have a written lease signed by the renter and the landlord or apartment management company before moving into the apartment. The lease provides security for the landlord, and when an apartment is vacant, they lose money. A landlord does not want to be faced with being blindsided with a renter who vacates and abandons their lease. The lease lays out all the terms and conditions and what needs to be followed by the renter to stay in the apartment. A broken lease is when a renter ultimately vacates the apartment and abandons the lease. Breaking a lease without consulting with the landlord is a violation of one of the leasing terms, and it can be a serious offense.

When signing a lease for any apartment or rental property, it is suggested to thoroughly read the lease to make sure you understand everything. The lease may have an opt-out clause stating what you would be responsible for if the lease is broken early. If the lease does not, then you want to make sure to communicate with the landlord. If you have a job that may require a job transfer in the future, are in the military and may be deployed or there is something else you are concerned about, it would be a good idea to consult with the landlord or apartment management company before signing the lease.

As soon as you know when you need to vacate the apartment, you would want to let the landlord know because the more notice the better. Even if you can sublease the apartment, you should keep in mind you are still responsible for the rent and the apartment if there are any damages.

Also, it is important to know that if your apartment is unlivable and that is why you want to break the lease, you may be able to legally break the lease without penalty.

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The Damages of a Broken Lease

When vacating an apartment without permission of the landlord before the lease expires, there is risk of damaging your credit score, credit history and/or rental history. A landlord can report your broken lease to the tenant/landlord databases and may show up there for up to 7-years. If a landlord in the future checks your rental history and sees the broken lease, it may affect getting approved for another apartment or rental property in the future.

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lease states

you may be obligated to pay rent for the remaining months, and if you do not pay the rent, the landlord may take legal action. Therefore, before signing the lease, the lease should be read and understood. If a renter believes they need to break the lease early, it is advisable to read the lease to see if there are options to avoid breaking the lease.

Furthermore, any unpaid rent and fees may show up on your credit report because of the broken lease. The balance owing may go to a collection agency and an attorney for further collection. There is the possibility the amount owing if unpaid for a certain length of time may cause a judgement against you if it goes to court. It is important to communicate with your landlord to help avoid any serious consequences to yourself!

Second Chance Apartment Locators consists of specialized apartment locators who will be able to assist you with finding your most perfect apartment to rent that will match your needs while be affordable to you. Regardless if you have a prior broken lease, eviction, lien, judgement, slow pays or something else, we will be able to match you with an apartment that will approve your application to rent.

The entire process of locating an apartment and getting approved for it by a potential landlord can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if denied because of bad credit or rental history. Second Chance Apartment Finders has been working with countless people across the nation just like you have had a broken lease, and they could obtain a great 2nd chance apartment, and we can help you too!

The 2nd chance apartment locating service by Second Chance Apartment Locators is free to you. There are no fees or hidden costs. You will find our service to not only be effective but to be quick! You deserve to have a second chance and we are here to give it to you! Don’t delay, it is easy to get started. Just fill out the simple form on the website, submit it when finished and one of our professional apartment locators will be in touch with you with a list of 2nd chance apartments ready to rent to you. Don’t worry, we will be able to locate a perfect second-chance apartment based on your requirements no matter how bad your credit. It won’t take very long to realize why Second Chance Apartment Locators is the top resource to helping renters find great apartments.

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