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The nation’s top most trusted apartment locating service for apartment, condo, townhouse and house rentals is We help prospective renters locate a 2nd chance apartment in any of the leading metropolitan areas across the nation – Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington D. C., New York, Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Houston. Our team of specialized leasing agents and rental agents have the knowledge and experience to help renters with poor credit find an affordable place to live and get approved for it regardless if they have a bankruptcy, foreclosure, eviction, broken lease, slow payments or something else. We have assisted thousands of renters across the nation locate a great place to rent, and we can help you too! Second Chance Apartments’ locating service is free to you! is designed to provide helpful resources to renters and to provide a service to help renters with bad credit find their most ideal 2nd chance apartment. Nowadays, locating an apartment even for those who have great credit can be a struggle. There is a lot of time involved when looking for an apartment and because people have busier lives, it is harder to find great 2nd chance apartments. For those who struggle with bad credit have an even more struggle finding an apartment that will approve them with bad credit. Private landlords and apartment management complexes will ask a potential renter to fill out a rental application, which means the applicant’s credit history and rental history will be checked. If a landlord or apartment management company finds anything negative, they may automatically decline the application without asking any questions. This can be frustrating to the applicant because of the time wasted. There is hope because Second Chance Apartment Locators will be able to easily match you with an apartment within one of the metropolitan areas we serve. Once, you fill out the form on the website, we can quickly find a great place for you to rent, which you will be able to get approved for.

Looking for an apartment or rental property in any one of the major metropolitan areas throughout the United States can be time-consuming on your own, but now it doesn’t have to be with our assistance. The entire process from the time you submit the completed form from the website to us printing off the best matched 2nd chance apartments is quick! The places we find available to rent are places that will approve you regardless of bad credit – slow payment history, bankruptcy, foreclosure, eviction, broken these or anything else found negative on your credit 

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About Second Chance Apartments

For many years, has been able to successful assist countless renters locate and ultimately get approved for an apartment or other property rental regardless if they have no credit history, slow pays, a lien, a judgement, a broken lease, a foreclosure, a repossession or an eviction. Our rental database includes a network of apartment managers, private landlords and apartment complexes across the country in the major metropolitan areas, which in turn will rent you a place to live. Second Chance Apartments will end up saving you time and money with our free proven 2nd chance apartment locating service.

Why it Makes Sense to Go with

Throughout the major metropolitan areas, we know the best places to rent.

We are aware of the apartment and rental properties offering the best utility rates.

We are aware of which apartment complexes offer the cheapest security deposits.

Our rental database is updated hourly with available places to rent.

We can easily search for the best areas that are most convenient for your needs.

We are aware of which rental properties offer unadvertised deals and move-in specials.

We have relationships with most of the apartment management complexes.

We know which places rental properties offer the best leasing terms.

We can locate the very best places to live offering the best schools.

We can easily search for the best places offering the preferred accommodations you desire – pet-friendly apartments, workout facilities, garages, pools, workout facilities, computer centers and much more.

Doesn’t it make sense now as to why is the best place to go to when looking for your next apartment or rental property?

EASILY GET APPROVED FOR YOUR NEXT APARTMENT REGARDLESS OF NO CREDIT OR BAD CREDIT WITH THE HELP OF SECOND CHANCEAPARTMENTS.COM. can make locating a 2nd chance apartment so much easier! It is simple because all you do is provide us with the area you want to live in, the accommodations and amenities you desire, the budgeted monthly rent amount you want to pay, and then we will take it from there and furnish you with a list of available apartments to rent now. It is a quick and simple process, and you will be glad you didn’t waste your time and try to find a second chance apartment on your own.

Whether you prefer a low-income efficiency apartment or a standard or a more luxury apartment, having Second Chance Apartments assist you with finding an apartment is the absolute best way to find an apartment or rental place fitting your requirements. Additionally, we have an outstanding track record for working with renters who have no credit or bad credit – bankruptcy, repossession, broken lease, eviction, foreclosure, lien, judgement or a slow payment history.

Regardless of the situation… We will successfully help you locate an apartment even if you have…

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