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Second Chance Rentals are available in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas

Moving to a very spread out, large metropolitan city like Minneapolis-St. Paul can be daunting. With higher than average rent costs, finding an apartment you can afford can be a challenge, especially if you have an eviction, broken lease, or delinquency on your rental or home history.  Second chance housing is available in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and in many of the multitude of suburbs around them.



Sometimes you just need help starting out, or starting over. The areas surrounding Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington are very diverse and spread out. It is much easier in the area to live close to work than commute due to the distances and traffic. We even work with apartments over the St. Croix in Wisconsin, if that is where you need to be.  A second chance apartment in Edina is a wonderful thing when you live close by and get a chance to start fresh.



When you need help with a second chance apartment in Bloomington or Coon Rapids, we can help. We work with complexes where bad credit is ok. 2nd chance apartments nearly all have minimum monthly income requirements to work with your application. The 2nd chance rental programs, though, helps get past those credit history problems and issues with broken leases and other rental issues.



When you work with our company, once you fill out the contact form and submit it, we assign a personal rental agent to you. The services are one on one and are no cost to you for helping find an apartment. Second chance leasing lets you get back on your feet and establish a better history, making it easier next time you rent.



No credit check apartments in Apple Valley or Plymouth do exist around the Twin Cities. The Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington area is well known for higher education institutions.  If you are a student, having no credit can be a big problem when you first start out on your own. Our services can help get you established in a place of your own and help find an apartment you can afford that helps you establish credit and rental history.



Since the Twin Cities is such an industrialized area due to its strategic location at major river and transportation hubs with extensive warehousing, ports, and airports, being able to help you find an eviction friendly apartment can be a big plus when you find a new job. 

Rental properties that accept evictions in Burnsville, Brooklyn Park, and other parts of the Cities are out there, but you often cannot normally find them through a regular apartment finder service, listing, or magazine.


Second chance rentals allow a person to get a fresh start. Our company works with major apartment complexes all over the Twin Cities from Eden Prairie to Blaine who are willing to give you that second chance. Preventing a homeless situation because of credit or rental history sometimes out of your control is important. Many companies only rely on minimal information in the credit and rental bureaus. Our company can help pave the way through no credit check or a bad credit apartment in the Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington areas.


The Twin Cities offer many opportunities, whether in transportation, manufacturing, a Fortune 500 company, medicine, or education. Let us help you get reestablished and improve your rental situation with a second chance apartment rental in Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington MN-WI.


How to Get Started:


To get the apartment process started, fill out and submit the form on the website, and we will quickly get back to you with a selection of available Minneapolis 2nd chances apartments that best fit the requirements you are looking for! After your information is submitted, then one of our expert Minneapolis Apartment Locators will respond back to you as soon as possible. We know how important your time is, and our main goal is to make the process as efficient and easy for you. You can be assured, we will go over and beyond the call of duty to make sure your apartment search leads you into your next rental lease. We will provide you with exceptional results and best of all, it is free.


To Get Started for FREE – Minneapolis Apartment Locator Service Process:


  1. Fill out and submit the form on the site.
  3. A specialized rental agent will be assigned to you.
  5. The rental agent will submit all your information into the database and print out the available apartments matching your criteria. The list will include the locations, floor plans, amenities and monthly rents.
  7. Your rental agent will go over the available apartment list with you, and after that we will proceed to take it from there.

With Minneapolis Apartment Finders assisting you, you will save time and eliminate stress. Utilizing an apartment locator is the best and easiest way to obtain an ideal 2nd chance apartment that will meet overall needs of the renter, the quickest. We will take the uncertainty out of looking for a 2nd chance apartment or rental property by making it probable for you to pick out the things you want in your apartment while staying within your budget. Again, our apartment finder service is completely-free to you! Learn why many Minneapolis apartment renters have put their trust and faith into the hands of Minneapolis Apartment Locators and obtained their perfect apartment to rent with their not so perfect credit.