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Second Chance Apartments Houston, TX

second chance apartments Houston

Houston Second Chance Apartments offers services to people with broken leases, evictions, bad credit and criminal backgrounds. We help individuals with felonies or misdemeanors find nearby apartments that are willing to accept applications in need of a second chance. Even if you have broken a lease or have a previous eviction, foreclosure, repossession, or criminal record you can still qualify for a second chance apartment in Houston and the surrounding areas.

If you’re worried about something negative showing on your credit report, don’t be discouraged! Our team has been able to help even those with bad credit find a second chance apartment in Houston. We understand how challenging it can be to get accepted for an apartment by landlords or apartment management companies when there’s a broken lease or eviction on a credit report or rental history. Repeatedly being rejected for apartments can easily make someone give up hope of being able to find housing.

We’re regarded as a leader in finding rentals for those needing a second chance. For several years, we have successfully assisted renters by locating second chance leasing and rentals in Houston, Texas. From start to finish, our entire apartment finding process is fast and very easy. Our team of experts are ready to help you today. Contact us now!

Our Houston Second Chance Apartment Location Process is Simple & Fast

It can be frustrating to have lots of places to rent sitting right in front of you, and even more challenging to figure out which leasing communities are willing to accept poor credit. We can make the entire process of finding second chance houses to rent easier and less stressful for you. This is possible because we have a large database loaded with rentals in and around the Houston Metropolitan Area and will be able to put you with an apartment or rental property that meets your criteria.

Our team of professional apartment finders are available and can help you find leasing homes and apartments for rent. We employ only the most seasoned, compassionate professionals. They are never going to prejudge you. They take pride in their ability and willingness to help people that are truly in need of our resources. We never reject anyone.

Get Familiar With Houston

In the State of Texas, Houston is the most populous city with approximately two million people living in 780,000 housing units. With so many housing units available to rent, finding a place to rent can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

As the most populous city in Texas and the fourth most populous in the USA, Houston boasts a rich history and holds the distinction of being the eighth most expensive city in the country. Despite its elevated cost of living, Houston Second Chance Apartments offer a variety of housing options to cater to residents from diverse backgrounds.

This rapidly growing major city draws individuals from all corners of the globe with its vibrant cultural scene, renowned restaurants, varied communities, and surprisingly affordable living expenses. Notably, Houston’s lack of city or state income tax, coupled with reasonably priced housing, significantly contributes to its cost of living ranking well below the national average. As of 2023, Houston’s estimated total population stands at around 7.1 million, covering an expansive area of 1,733 km².

In addition to its demographic and economic prowess, Houston is a hub for innovation and research. Home to the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical facility, and NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Houston plays a vital role in shaping advancements in healthcare and space exploration. The city’s commitment to these fields further enhances its global significance and appeal.

Houston’s Cultural Diversity

Furthermore, Houston’s cultural diversity is reflected in its linguistic landscape, boasting over 90 different languages spoken. The city’s demographics include approximately 57% white, nearly 23% black or African-American, over 11% Hispanic, and almost 7% Asian residents. The continuous influx of immigrants contributes to Houston’s status as one of the most culturally diverse metropolitan areas in the United States.

Notable Districts and Neighborhoods of Houston

Houston is divided into several distinct districts and neighborhoods, each with its own character and attractions. Here are some of the notable divisions within Houston:

The central business district, home to many corporate offices, government buildings, and cultural institutions. It includes areas like the Theater District and Historic District.

A vibrant area with a mix of residential and commercial spaces, known for its nightlife, restaurants, and arts scene.

An eclectic and diverse neighborhood known for its cultural and LGBTQ+ communities, as well as its art scene, boutiques, and trendy dining options.

A historic area with a mix of Victorian-style homes, local shops, and restaurants. It has a more laid-back, residential feel.

Home to the Galleria Mall, one of the largest shopping centers in the U.S., as well as a business district with many office buildings.

A district with a significant business presence, featuring office complexes and international businesses.

Located in western Houston, this area is known for its concentration of energy-related companies.

Home to one of the largest medical complexes in the world, with numerous hospitals, research institutions, and healthcare facilities.

Situated southeast of Houston, known for its proximity to NASA’s Johnson Space Center and the aerospace industry.

A residential area with upscale homes, parks, and the Memorial City Mall.

These are just a few examples, and Houston is a vast and diverse city with many more neighborhoods and districts, each offering a unique experience.

Houston City Skyline

Transportation Options in Houston

Houston is surrounded by 3 loops of interstate highways and tollways. Interstate 610 is commonly known as the Inner Loop. The 2nd loop is the Sam Houston Tollway commonly called the beltway. The 3rd most outer loop is another tollway Highway 90 also known as the Grand Expressway. Interstate 45, 59 and 69 run north to south through central Houston.

Interstate 10 is the main thoroughfare  running from the east to west and also through central Houston. Houston offers bus transportation referred to by the locals as the Metro on all its major streets. There is also a light rail service that runs on schedule along Main street from the south 610 loop to downtown Houston. 

Recreation For Second Chance Apartment Renters

Houson offers several parks frequented by joggers and health enthusiasts. The largest park is Memorial Park located in central Houston. Memorial Park is one of the largest inner-city parks in the nation and covers 1466 acres. It also includes an 18 hole golf club.

Many of Houston’s parks offer facilities for swimming, baseball, soccer, tennis, cycling, skating, croquet and of course jogging. Located in the Museum District Hermann Park also offers an 18-hole course and the world famous Houston Zoo nearby. Hermann Park is located near Rice University and receives over 6 million visitors per year.

Houston is known as Bayou City. It has several parks meandering along its amazing bayous. Eleanor Tinsley Park is where many festivals and concerts are held.

Houston is also home to the world series champions Houston Astros. Minute Maid stadium is one of the most beautiful retractable roof baseball stadiums in the country. The Houston Texans hold their games in the fabulous retractable roof NRG stadium. It is located near the world famous Astrodome. Next door Houston hosts the world’s largest rodeo during the entire month of March. Concerts are held nightly as well as rodeo events. Carnival rides and a vast array of cuisine are meant to please all ages.

Houston offers several gym locations including 24 Hour Fitness. LA Fitness, Planet Fitness and Life Time Fitness.

Schools in Houston​

The University of Houston is home to the Houston Cougars. Established in 1927 it is located in Houston’s third ward. The University also offers an impressive 276 different degrees in the faculty of over 2,800 members. It is often referred to by locals as U of H. The University of Houston is most well known for its advanced degrees in engineering.

The University of Houston is home to the Houston Cougars. Established in 1927 it is located in Houston’s third ward. The University also offers an impressive 276 different degrees in the faculty of over 2,800 members. It is often referred to by locals as U of H. The University of Houston is most well known for its advanced degrees in engineering.

Rice University is home to the Rice Owls. Established in 1912 it is located in the popular West University area which includes plenty of unique shopping and dining experiences. Boasting a beautiful, lush 300 acre campus Rice University is also consistently considered one of the nations top 20 universities. Rice University offers degrees in 50 undergraduate programs including business, architecture, music, arts and science.

Houston is also home to one of the nation’s largest historically black universities, Texas Southern University. Established in 1927 it is home of the TSU Tigers. Located on a 150 acre campus TSU offers an impressive selection of over 100 undergraduate and graduate degrees including degrees from the infamous Thurgood Marshall school of law.

Houston is home to several other universities and colleges including the centrally located University of St Thomas, nearby San Jacinto College, Lone Star College and Houston Community College. There are several second chance apartments located near Houston’s universities and colleges.

Restaurants You’ll Find in Houston​

Houston is big on barbecue, Tex Mex and seafood. Pappa’s Delta Blue Smokehouse and Truth Barbecue are very popular. Pappasito’s Cantina, Lupe Tortilla and El Tiempo Cantina offer great Tex Mex. Papadeaux’s Seafood Kitchen, Landry’s and Eddie V’s are very popular seafood restaurants. The city hosts a number of favorite sports bars including the very popular Twin Peaks where you are guaranteed spectacular views and the coldest beer anywhere.

If you are seeking a more family friendly environment then you can’t go wrong with Sam’s Boat. There are several locations throughout the Houston Area and they offer an extensive menu ranging from seafood to steaks. If you are in the mood for steak then Salt Grass Steakhouse, Texas Roadhouse and Long Horn Steakhouse offer several locations around Houston.

Houston Continues To Grow

As a testament to its economic strength, Houston stands as the third-largest shipping port in the United States, facilitating the export and import of goods on a national and international scale. This robust infrastructure adds to the city’s economic vibrancy and global connectivity.

Despite its significant population growth over the past decade, Houston remains one of the youngest metropolitan areas in the country, with an average adult age of around 33 years. This youthful demographic contributes to the city’s dynamic atmosphere, making it an attractive destination for those seeking opportunities and a vibrant community.

Houston’s multifaceted appeal encompasses not only its population size and economic prowess but also its contributions to healthcare, space exploration, and global trade. The city’s commitment to diversity, coupled with its relatively affordable living costs, positions it as a city of opportunities and innovation on both a national and international scale.

Approximately 60% of the Houston population are renters. There is a huge demand for 2nd chance apartments in Houston and its surrounding suburbs. Because of its many bayous, Houston is a non-zoned city, This means the apartments are not grouped in sections of the city in a manner similar to other large cities. Apartments in Houston are literally everywhere where there’s room to build them. They are located in all sections of the city and in nearly every neighborhood. There is not a single neighborhood in Houston that doesn’t accommodate at least one apartment complex.

Bad Credit Score? No Problem for finding a place to live!

No matter what is showing on your credit report, how bad your credit score is or if there is an issue with your rental history, we can assist you. Did you know there are over 45 million people located all over the country that either have no or bad credit history per the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? This means you are not alone, and there is hope in finding suitable second chance apartments and second chance homes to rent.

Have you previously had a broken lease in Houston?

Broken leases occur when a renter abandons their lease signed with a landlord. When a lease is broken by the renter, it will affect their credit report and rental history. It will damage your credit, which would make it difficult to find a place to rent or even get a credit card or loan. It is possible that if you have a Houston broken lease, it may show up on the landlord/tenant reporting databases for 7 years or more. It is a good idea to read your lease thoroughly and ask questions before signing the lease to make sure you understand the outcomes of breaking your lease for whatever reason.

Additionally, an eviction occurs when a renter has a lease with a landlord or apartment management company and the renter violates one of the leasing terms like not paying rent. When a renter violates a leasing term and does not address the issue, the landlord can file an eviction that must go through the required legal process. A landlord cannot force you out of the apartment by changing the locks, they must follow proper protocol and let the judge issue the eviction. If you receive an eviction notice or have been unlawfully evicted, it is recommended to seek the advice of a Houston eviction attorney to ensure your legal rights are not violated.

Apartments & Homes Accepting Felonies and Misdemeanors in Houston

We help individuals with felonies, misdemeanors, and deferred adjudications to successfully apply for apartments. Our service helps people who have trouble finding second-chance leasing due to criminal backgrounds.

Most landlords and apartments in the Houston area have zero tolerance for any criminal background. If felonies or misdemeanors are on your record, it may be nearly impossible to find apartments offering second chances. Even if you have a good job and earn a consistent income, many Houston apartments and landlords will refuse to lease to anyone with a criminal background. Always plan on the Houston apartments or landlords to check criminal backgrounds. With this said, we’ve been able to provide quality second chance apartments accepting felonies and misdemeanors. There’s hope for you!

Some rental properties approve 2nd chance leases from applicants that have a criminal record if it has been over one year since the date of the conviction. Even apartments will consider applicants with criminal records older than seven years from the date of the conviction. People with older convictions have a much better chance of leasing second-chance rentals. Some properties will use the completion date of the sentence.

Often people with felonies can seal their criminal backgrounds from the public through the expungement process. Expunging a criminal record does not make it magically disappear. It simply prohibits the criminal background from being seen by the public. An ex-offenders criminal record will not be detected while performing a routine background check. The likelihood of having your criminal record expunged depends on the nature of the crime, the legal guidelines established by your jurisdiction, and the amount of time that has passed since the conviction. The State of Texas does allow for expungements of criminal records.

When it comes to misdemeanors, there are several properties that may overlook them completely if they are not violence related. If you do have a violence related misdemeanor it may be more difficult to place you in a rental property that will accept these types of felonies or misdemeanors. Houston apartments and landlords are not supposed to use criminal arrest records in their decision making process. Often applicants are charged with a crime but never convicted or sentenced. If a person has an extensive record of criminal behavior with no convictions, the arrest records are often used to determine approval for an apartment.

Some applicants are led to believe if they received a deferred adjudication, then they have not actually been convicted. If the conviction has not been expunged or sealed, it does remain on your record

Furthermore, probation is still a sentence given by a judge for a conviction. Deferred adjudication is normally given to first time offenders. If an individual is still on probation, it will make it more difficult to be approved for a rental unit. Houston apartments and landlords will consider the risk of a second chance leaseholder violating their probation. The resident may not be able to pay their rent if they are incarcerated.

Be Completely Honest with Second Chance Apartments

Be completely honest when communicating with apartments accepting misdemeanors and felonies. Criminal background checks seldom overlook offenses from your past. The best strategy for finding a place to live that accepts misdemeanors and felonies is to be upfront about your criminal past. If a property manager or landlord discovers a criminal history, they will believe you are trying to hide the past. Ex-offenders also want to show the apartments the extent they have changed by bringing close family members with them when they apply. Having an employer willing to offer a good reference will always improve your chances of being approved.

Excellent Rental History Helps

Many Houston second-chance leasing homes and apartments accepting felonies will examine an applicant’s rental history before and after a conviction. If you have established successful relationships with previous Houston second-chance apartments it will be a definite advantage to be approved at other Houston properties in the future. Having a recent good rental history can help tremendously.

More Money for a Security Deposit

The amount of the security deposit required really depends on the credit and rental history of the prospective tenant. Landlords and management companies may increase security deposits of applicants that have criminal records due to the higher risk of the ex-offender possibly not being able to fulfill their lease agreement. Ex-offenders will not be required to pay a higher security deposit at the start of the application process.

Houston Second Chance Apartments Income Requirements

Properties accepting misdemeanors and felonies require earning 3 times the monthly rent to financially qualify. The income must be easily verifiable to ensure a speedy application process. Having a strong work history is a definite advantage in being approved for a second chance property.

Balancing Credit Scores with Criminal Backgrounds

We work with many clients that have established good credit or excellent FICO scores. For many properties offering second chances, it helps to have a good or excellent credit score, and it can be all it takes for criminal backgrounds to become irrelevant.

Let Us Make It Easy For You

You can help your approval process by showing you have turned your life around for the better. Prove to them you deserve it. Most people with felonies and misdemeanors deserve second chances.

Find a Second Chance Apartment in Houston - Next Steps!

  • Submit the completed form from our website with as much detail about your criminal background as possible.
  • A seasoned professional will provide you with information about the Houston second chance rentals willing to accept your application.
  • Simply review your selection of Houston 2nd chance apartments and second chance housing options.
  • We’re here to help with all your questions and decisions. We’ll help you find Second Chance homes for rent today!


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Our team of agents and counselors has been assisting individuals with bad credit, broken leases, evictions, and criminal backgrounds since 1998. We have helped tens of thousands of people find suitable housing through our extensive network and collaborations with organizations like the Red CrossUnited WayFEMAHUD, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Star of Hope, and the VA. Our founder is a licensed broker with decades of real estate experience and ongoing professional education. Courses he’s completed include Legal UpdateBroker Responsibility, and Cultural Diversity in Fair Housing, ensuring he stays current with industry standards and practices. Learn more about us!

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