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Dallas Second Chance Apartments is considered the number one resource finding second chance rentals for individuals with broken leases, evictions, foreclosures, repossessions, bankruptcies or anything that can cause bad credit and poor rental history. There are times life can seem out of our control. Problems such as these should not prevent anyone from finding 2nd chance rentals near you. Dallas 2nd Chance Apartments is the Dallas Metropolitan areas leading finding second chance rentals willing to accept applications from people with bad credit, broken leases, evictions and poor rental histories. We also find apartments that offer second chances to people with criminal backgrounds including felonies, deferred adjudication and misdemeanors convictions. We can find nearly anyone nearby 2nd chance apartments Dallas TX willing to accept their application. We can provide a selection of apartments in Plano, Richardson, Frisco, McKinney, Arlington, Irving, Lewisville, Mesquite, Garland, and Denton. All you need to do is enter “find apartments near me in Dallas” when conducting a search on the internet. It makes it so easy to find 2nd chance leases. We also find second chance rental homes in Dallas TX. 


Locating 2nd chance apartments in Dallas on your own is time consuming and overwhelming even if you have great credit. Often it is even more stressful for those who don’t have great credit at all. Nowadays, people are busier than ever! It is more of a challenge to take time out of a busy schedule and apartment shop. We help people with broken leases. evictions and bad credit every day. If you have negative credit issues or poor rental history, it’s okay.  There is no need to lose hope. With the assistance of Dallas Second Chance Apartments, it is possible to secure 2nd chance leasing Dallas near you in little or no time. 


Dallas, TX is one of the largest and most populated cities in the state and is situated in Dallas County with greater than 1.3 million individuals taking up their residence in well over 450,000 various housing units. With so many places to rent in Dallas, trying to find an apartment on your own can give anyone a headache, especially for someone who doesn’t have the best credit. The search process can be a lot easier for you with the assistance of Dallas 2nd Chance Apartment Locators. We are thrilled to be recognized throughout the Dallas area as the most respected apartment locators in the area. We will find your second chance leasing Dallas TX near you. 

Broken Leases and Evictions in Dallas:
Broken Leases in Dallas
– Having a broken lease in Dallas is when an individual has a signed lease with a landlord and for whatever reason, the renter leaves and abandons their lease prematurely. A tenant, who chooses on their own to abandon their apartment or rental property without the consent of the landlord is abandoning the lease, and it is called a broken lease. 

It is important to review your entire lease before signing it and ask questions because breaking your lease prematurely will most likely affect your credit report and your tenant rating, hindering any chance of obtaining  apartments in the future. 

A broken lease will likely appear in the landlord/tenant reporting databases for up to seven years. This is the database landlords may check to ensure you are a good renter. Dallas 2nd Chance Apartments will help you find second chance leasing apartments Dallas TX without the stress even if you have a broken lease! We specialize with 2nd chance leasing  for the Dallas TX area.

Evictions in Dallas – An eviction takes place when a landlord has followed the legal protocol and a judge orders a tenant to be legally removed from their apartment or rental property. An eviction can be initiated by the landlord, if the tenant has violated any one of the leasing terms and chooses not to fix the issue. Typically, the most common reason for an eviction is a tenant who has failed to pay their rent. It is against the law for a landlord to evict a tenant on their own; they cannot just change the locks and prevent you from gaining access to your property. If you receive an eviction notice or a landlord chooses to evict you without going through the court, then it is advisable to seek the legal advice of a Dallas eviction attorney to make sure your rights are protected by law.


Dallas Apartment Locators is highly regarded as the primary apartment locating service for 2nd chance leasing in Dallas TX. We help area renters obtain their most ideal place to rent no matter what is showing up on their credit rating or rental history. Our professional rental agents have the knowledge and skills to easily and successfully match you with the very best rental place to accommodates your spending budget and criteria!

Get ACCEPTED for 2nd Chance Apartments Even If… you had delinquencies, broken leases, evictions, foreclosures, repossessions, liens on your credit.

One of the main reasons we are successful at matching individuals with available second chance apartments is because we have a loaded database of countless available apartments, rental properties, complexes and individual landlords, so we can conveniently help to locate the most suited second chance apartment to rent based on a person’s precise requirements. It won’t take you too long to realize why we are recognized as the top industry experts in matching the most suited apartments for renters who don’t yet have credit, delinquencies, prior evictions, foreclosures, broken leases or something else showing up on their credit reports. Customer complete satisfaction is very important to us, and we’ll go that extra mile to help you find what you want in a new rental place, at a price that’s affordable. The process of finding a place to rent is made easy.

Apartments Accepting Felonies & Misdemeanors in Dallas

Here at Dallas Second Chance Apartments we believe everyone deserves second chances. It is especially true for those individuals trying to secure apartments accepting felonies, misdemeanors .


In the Dallas area there most apartments not willing to offer second chance leases. This attitude has created a huge barrier for people with felonies and misdemeanors. It makes very difficult finding second chance renting in Dallas TX. If you are having financial troubles or just ended serving a criminal sentence, Dallas 2nd Chance Apartments has an excellent reputation serving individuals by obtaining a second chance rentals for people with criminal backgrounds.


Dallas 2nd Chance Apartments offers deserving individuals hope of a bright future. We are committed to offering top-quality second chance leasing options regardless if a repossession, foreclosure, or an eviction is showing on the credit report. We are industry experts in offering high quality second chance apartments accepting individuals with a criminal background or bad credit.


With a misdemeanor or felony on record, it can be a challenge securing apartment leases.  Even if you have a decent job and earning a regular paycheck most apartments and landlords will still deny a rental application. During the application process, more than likely a criminal background will be completed before anything else. It might be difficult to rent in the Dallas area unless you are able to locate a second chance properties accepting felonies and misdemeanors on their record. Our team of 2nd chance apartment locators will make the process much easier finding 2nd chance rentals. 


There are apartments that offer second chance leases for ex-offenders having a criminal record from 12 months since the conviction date. Also, there are places to live that may consider applicants that have criminal records older than seven years. The older the conviction, getting approved for a lease will be easier. Some apartments offering second chances use the parole or probation completion date. We are aware of the leasing properties that are likely to accept applicants with a misdemeanors or felonies. 


Something that may be able to be done to help an ex-offender is finding out if the criminal record can be expunged.  When a criminal record is expunged, the record is sealed from the public.  An expungement will not eliminate criminal records. It seals it from the public’s view. This makes it not show up on criminal background reports. An ex-offender’s criminal record will not be detected while performing a routine background check.  Finding out if your criminal record can be expunged is decided based on the nature of the crime, how much time has passed since the conviction date, and the any legal guidelines established by the jurisdiction. The State of Texas does permit criminal records to be expunged. Expungement is an option normally offered to those who received deferred adjudication.


If there is a misdemeanor on record, a rental property may overlook it if it is non-violence related. If you do have a violence related misdemeanor like an assault, it may be an issue to obtain  2nd chance apartments in Dallas. 


The older the conviction the better for anyone with a criminal background. The odds are always better for a second chance rental of older criminal records. Individuals with non-violent felonies or misdemeanors are offered more opportunities to lease Dallas Second Chance apartments. 


A criminal arrest record is not supposed to be used in an application approval or denial. This applies to individuals charged with a crime but never convicted. If a person has an extensive criminal record without any convictions, the arrest record is often strongly considered and could inhibit your chances of leasing apartments in the Dallas area. 


Some are led to believe if they received a deferred adjudication, then they have not actually been convicted. If the conviction has not been expunged or sealed, it does remain on your record. Furthermore, a probation is still a sentence given by a judge for a conviction. Deferred adjudication is normally given to first time offenders. If an individual is still on probation, it will make it more difficult to be approved for a rental unit. Dallas apartments and landlords may be skeptical of the risk of a second chance lease holder. If they violate their probation the resident will not be able to pay their rent if incarcerated.


2nd Chance Apartments will work with both apartments and landlords who give opportunities to individuals who deserve a place.  Asking a search engine, “Find apartments near me accepting felonies or criminal backgrounds,” can also make it easier.

Honesty is ALWAYS the Best Policy

“Honesty is always the best policy,” right? This is especially true when it comes to people looking for a place to live that accepts misdemeanors and felonies. Criminal background checks rarely miss offenses from the past. It does not matter how many years have passed. The best strategy for is being honest and properly communicate with the all Dallas apartments about your criminal past. If a landlord or property manager finds criminal history on a background check, they will believe you are trying hide your past. Bringing a family member with you to show how you have changed or asking your employer to provide a reference letter often helps with the 2nd chance approval process.

Positive Rental History

Dallas second chance housing accepting felonies or misdemeanors will always check the applicant’s rental history from before and after the conviction. Having healthy relationships with previous apartments and landlords will work to your advantage. Dallas second chance apartments accepting misdemeanors or felonies are much more likely to approve an application showing excellent rental history.

Higher Security Deposit

The security deposit amount to be required will depend on the applicant’s rental and credit history. A security deposit may be increased if there is a criminal record only because there is an increased risk of someone with a criminal background not being able to fulfill their lease agreement.
Dallas Second Chance Apartments has built excellent working relationships with several rental properties that will accept individuals with criminal records. You can count on us giving you hope. There is no need to be discouraged. There are several 2nd chance apartments willing to accept felonies and criminal backgrounds.

Dallas Second Chance Apartments Income Requirements

Apartments who accept people with a felonies and misdemeanors will use an income formula to qualify applicants. The standard income requirement is three times the amount of monthly rent. It is important to know that your income must be easily verifiable. Don’t worry if income is an There are Dallas second chance apartments offering lower financial requirements. A strong work history is advantageous getting approved for Dallas second chance properties.

Criminal Background and Balancing a Credit Score

We have worked with and continue to work with clients who have good credit scores or great FICO scores. Having decent or great credit helps immensely when applying for Dallas 2nd chance apartments. It may be all it takes for criminal backgrounds to be overlooked.

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With Dallas Apartment Finders assisting you, you will save time and eliminate stress. Utilizing Dallas Second Chance Apartments is the best and easiest way to obtain ideal 2nd chance apartments that will meet overall needs of the renter, the quickest. Dallas Second Chance Apartments locators takes the uncertainty out of looking for 2nd chance apartments or rental properties. We increase your odds finding second chance leasing near you. Learn why many people searching for Dallas 2nd chance apartments have placed their trust in us. We will locate Dallas 2nd Chance Apartments near you. Dallas Second Chance Apartments will help you find 2nd chance leases.