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   Welcome to Fresno Second Chance Apartments. We are the leading resource in the Fresno and nearby areas for people with bad credit, broken leases, evictions, foreclosures, bankruptcies, misdemeanors and felonies. All these issues can hinder an individual’s ability to successfully apply for an apartment in Fresno. That is where we can help! We know which Fresno area apartments (including its all suburbs) that are willing to offer 2nd chance apartments and rentals. When you search by yourself, you’re more likely to squander numerous application fees, time and gas. We spend time researching Fresno second chance apartments willing to accept bad credit, broken leases evictions and criminal backgrounds apartments. Our efforts have resulted in an extensive selection of apartments the Fresno area willing to accept your application. Fresno 2nd Chance Apartments will help you circumvent any credit, rental history, or criminal background issues and find apartments near you willing to accept your application. Avoid driving around all day long going to different places, wasting money on application fees. We are very knowledgeable regarding the apartments in the Fresno area willing to offer second chances and the standards they abide by.  Simply search “2nd chance apartments near me” to begin your quest successfully applying for Fresno apartments.


    By utilizing our services, the odds of you finding the perfect quality second chance apartments increases dramatically. Fresno Second Chance Apartments do not hang out banners displaying “Fresno apartments broken leases and evictions ok”. We know which Fresno apartments work with different situations. Some of the selections we provide will truly impress you. If you bad credit, poor rental history, misdemeanor or felony and are ready for second chance leasing then we are the resource you need. You might learn about the no credit check Fresno apartments. The statement apartments do not bother to check credit is completely untrue. However, a few Fresno apartments will accept truly bad credit. It is our job to know they are. If you are searching on your own for Fresno second chance apartments you will find there are very limited resources available at your discretion. We are the number one resource finding 2nd chance apartments in the Fresno CA. area. There are some apartments in Fresno, California that lower their rental criteria when their occupancy rate is at a level where the property is no longer profiting. This happens more than one may think. We stay on top of it for you. The most important qualifying factor these apartments consider when their occupancy rates are at this level is the income of the applicant. The debt to earnings ratio is also an important factor being approved for an apartment in the Fresno area. If you have good, stable income and very little monthly debts that you’re obligated to pay then your chances of being approved increase dramatically. It is all about being able to pay your rent on time every month. This this should give you an idea of what your chances of being approved are before you even apply. Reading the online reviews about the apartments you’re considering can also aid in your decision. Being able to offer strong and positive referrals from close family members and employers can also be a tremendous help.

   Fresno was once known as a tiny stop within the Central Pacific Railroad, but it has grown into a fascinating metropolis that attracts agriculture-minded individuals globally. The metro region is in the center of Fresno County’s farms, and they create an assortment of organic foods, from pistachios and almonds to peaches and tomatoes. However, the spot is not only a haven for farmers. As part of a bustling metropolitan region of almost a thousand folks, Fresno attracts residents because of its diverse job market, cheap housing, and an array of cultural attractions.

In this part of California there is a wide range of special cultural surprises. For instance, the Tower District is known for its famous Rogue Festival, regular film festival, classic car show, and culinary feasts that house many international cuisines. California has constantly attracted individuals having its sunny weather, good beaches, high level of life. Lots of people moved to Fresno in search of a more prosperous life. Fresno California has always been extremely popular destination. Becoming the 5th largest city in California, far more than 500,000 folks live there. The city growth rate has never ever dropped below zero. Over the last decade the population of Fresno has risen forty-one percent. This phenomenal rate of growth is expected to continue. It’s interesting to note that just half of the Fresno areas population live in homes they own. The remainder of the population lives in apartments in the Fresno area or private rentals. 

   If you are in the Fresno area simply search “second chance apartments near me”. You should easily be able to find our website. Then submit the completed form with all the required fields. One of our seasoned professionals will contact you to begin the process finding second chance apartments that will accept your application.