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Phoenix Apartment Locators will be able to help locate a second chance apartment regardless of your credit score, credit or rental history. If you have a prior eviction, foreclosure, lien or even slow pays, we will be able to help you find a place that will approve you for an apartment regardless of your past. Even if you have bad credit, it is not impossible to get approved for an apartment. With Phoenix Apartment Locators, you will be able to rent your perfect place to live. Our locating services are completely free to you.


Phoenix is the capital and the most populous city found in Arizona with over 1.5 million citizens taking residence in over 500,000 housing units. Attempting to locate an apartment in such a big city can be stressful, especially for those renters who do not have good credit. So, if you are interested in making the apartment search process much easier for you and find a choice of second chance apartments, then contact the professional apartment finders at Phoenix Apartment Locators. We are known experts in finding the best 2nd chance apartments in Phoenix. We are thrilled to be highly regarding in Phoenix as the main apartment locators, and we will help you find you an apartment, too!


A Broken Lease or Eviction Can Affect your Credit and your Rental History!


Phoenix Broken Lease – When a tenant who has a lease vacates their apartment and abandons their lease without the landlord’s consent, it is then considered a broken lease. A broken lease may possibly result in back rent and any fees being owed, which may show up on the credit report for up to 7 years. Additionally, the broken lease may show up on the tenant/landlord rental reporting databases for up to 7 years. If you had a broken lease, you can still qualify to rent a 2nd chance apartment in Phoenix. Phoenix Apartment Locators features a database full of available apartments and rental properties. Our services are free to you!


Eviction in Phoenix – At any time a lease holder violates one of the leasing terms on their lease and does not fix the issue, they are at risk of being evicted. A landlord cannot legally evict someone by changing their locks. An eviction must be handled in court and ordered by a judge. Nothing is worse for a renter than an eviction being carried out. An eviction can affect your credit and rental history for up to 7 years. 

If you receive an eviction notice, it is recommended to rectify the issue or consult with a Phoenix eviction attorney. If you have a past eviction on your credit, Phoenix Apartment Locators can assist with finding you a great second chance apartment in Phoenix.


Regardless what may be showing up on your credit report, you do not need to let it drag you down in fear that you may not get approved for an apartment to rent. We have been working with renters for many years and have resources in place to be able to find you a suitable 2nd chance apartment in Phoenix. We have earned the reputation of being the most trusted Phoenix apartment locating service and are known for being able to successfully match renters with their most preferred rental property or apartment regardless of their credit history, rental history or credit rating. Our experienced rental locating agents will be able to find you a rental property or apartment matching your needs while staying within your budget!


It is very easy to find a place to rent because we have a database loaded with numerous landlords and apartment complexes throughout the area with all sorts of available apartments. These are second chance apartments in Phoenix that will approve your rental application regardless if you have anything negative on your credit report like a bankruptcy, lien, foreclosure, eviction, broken lease or something else. We endeavor for complete customer satisfaction, as it is of the utmost importance to our business. We will make sure you will be completely satisfied with your new apartment or rental property.


No Credit or Bad Credit? It is Okay because you can Qualify for a Second Chance Apartment in Phoenix regardless of your past financial circumstances.


To get your apartment search moving forward, fill out the form found on the website. Make sure it is filled out completely because the more information we have, the easier it will be to find you the best matched 2nd chance apartment in Phoenix meeting your specific needs. Once you submit your form, one of our rental agents will be assigned to you. The next step, the rental agent will input your data into the database and print off a list of the most suitable places to rent matching your requirements while staying within your spending budget. After the list is printed, the agent will get in contact with you, so you both can review the list. Once you select the apartments you are interested in, we will take it from there. It is a very quick and straightforward process. You will end up finding the best place to move into quickly. Again, our apartment locating service is free to you.


With Phoenix Apartment Locators’ professional locating service, you will save yourself a lot of time and aggravation. Our agents are standing by and ready to serve you. Regardless if you have bad credit or no credit, it is fine because there are plenty of second chance apartments in the area accepting renters like you. We know you will be completely happy with the results we generate!


Phoenix 2nd Chance Apartment Locators is the industry’s leading apartment locator service of second chance apartments in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. When renters are looking for a fast and reliable apartment locating service, they know exactly where to go. No matter how bad your credit or rental history may be, Phoenix Apartment Locators will be able to assist with finding the absolute best matched apartment meeting your needs. The process is simple and it costs you nothing! Why not save yourself time and stress without paying a fee. Once you experience our service, you will be very happy!